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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 "Introduction"

Chapter 2 "Essentials for Recording Obligations"

Chapter 3 "Payroll/Labor Costs"

Chapter 4 "Gifts and Bequests to NOAA"

Chapter 4 Appendices

Chapter 5 "Accounting for Internal Use Software"

Chapter 6 "Manager's Responsibility for Internal Controls

Chapter 7 "Uniform Allowance" This chapter has been abolished since NOAA no longer provides a uniform allowance.

Chapter 8 "Responsibilities of Accountable Officers"

Chapter 9 "Fees for Special Products or Service"

Chapter 9; Appendix A - NESDIS User Fee Policy and Procedures

Chapter 9 "Exhibit 9-1"    Instructions

Chapter 9 "Exhibit 9-2"

Chapter 10 "Reimbursables"

Appendices B, C and D in PDF and Word format

Chapter 11 "Responsibilties for Establishing and Managing NOAA/BIS Imprest Funds"

Appendices A, B, C, D and E in PDF and Word format

Chapter 12 "Administrative Costs"

Chapter 15 "Cost and Obligation Adjustments"