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The Financial Systems Division manages the planning, development, implementation, and maintenance of the Commerce Business System (CBS) throughout NOAA and supports the NOAA Community in its usage of the system. CBS consists of the Core Financial System (CFS) and various functional and administrative systems.


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Current Initiatives


  • E2 Solutions

  • NOAA/BIS will be implementing E2 Solutions, a new electronic travel system, effective May 22, 2017.

  • Pro-Tech Services Solution available 7/1/2017

  • Pro-Tech is an enhanced assisted acquisition program to fulfill NOAA line and staff office requirements for professional and technical services.

  • CBS Solutions Center

  • Link to the Department's CSC Web Site for more information on CBS initiatives.

CBS Help Desk


CBS Help Desk


  • Report a problem to the CBS Help Desk:
  • Contact the CBS Help Desk via phone at: 301-444-3400

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