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Commerce Purchase Card System (CPCS) Information

For CPCS assistance please contact the CBS Help Desk on (301) 444-3400 or via e-mail at

CPCS Newsflash
When access to the Commerce Purchase Card System is no longer needed (e.g., the cardholder account is closed or canceled, the user is no longer a Group Administrator or Approving Official, etc.), the CPCS user must complete on-line and forward the CBS User Access Request Form to the CBS Client Services Help Desk via fax to 240-632-2886. A copy of the forms can be obtained at CBS Forms.

Please note that the servicing Human Resources Office or servicing Contracting Officer Representative (COTR) are required to inform the servicing IT support office of an employee or contractor's departure within five business days of their departure and the servicing IT support office is required to ensure the deactivation of the departing employee or contractor's account(s) within five business days of being notified. Hostile separations require immediate termination but no later than 24 hours. (See NOAA’s Account Deactivation Policy)

If you require assistance to complete the form or have questions, please contact the CBS Client Services Help Desk on 301-444-3400 during the hours of operation, 7:00am - 5:00pm ET, Monday through Friday.