NOAA Budget Office

FY 2007 President's Budget


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NOAA FY 2007 President's Budget
FY 2007 President's Budget (approx. 3.2 mb)
Table of Contents, Organization Chart, Annual Performance Plan
Operations, Research and Facilities
National Ocean Service
Navigation Services
Ocean Resources Conservation & Assessment
Ocean and Coastal Management
National Marine Fisheries Service
Protected Species Research & Management
Fisheries Research & Management
Enforcement & Observers/Training
Habitat Conservation & Restoration
Other Activities Supporting Fisheries
Alaska Composite Research & Development
Oceanic & Atmospheric Research
Climate Research
Weather & Air Quality Research
Ocean, Coastal & Great Lakes Research
Information R&D & Science Education
OAR Exhibits
National Weather Service
Operations & Research
Systems Operation & Maintenance
NWS Exhibits
National Environmental Satellite, Data & Information Service
Environmental Satellite Observing Systems
NOAA’s Data Centers & Information Services
NESDIS Exhibits
Program Planning & Integration
PPI Exhibits
Program Support
Corporate Services
NOAA Education Program
Marine Operations & Maintenance & Aviation Operations
NOAA Corps Retirement Pay
Program Support Exhibits
ORF Exhibits
Procurement, Acquisition & Construction
System Acquisition
Fleet Replacement

Aircraft Replacement
PAC Exhibits
Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Act
Fisherman’s Contingency Fund
Foreign Fishing Observer Fund
Fisheries Finance, Program Account
Promote and Develop Fishery Products
Damage Assessment & Restoration Fund
Coastal Zone Management Fund
Federal Ship Financing Fund
Environmental Improvement & Restoration Fund
Limited Access System Administration Fund
Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Event Fund
Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Fund Contribution – NOAA Corps