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NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan


On this page you will find the NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan.  The Implementation Plan was developed to help NOAA accomplish the goals it established in its 2017-2019 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.  The Implementation Plan breaks each goal down into objectives with specific tactics tied to each objective that must be achieved in order to ensure the goal they are associated with is achieved. 

It also sets target dates by which the tactic should be completed and lists the offices or officials who have the primary responsibility for completing the assigned task. Finally, it contains performance outcomes and metrics that can be used to quantitatively measure our progress and success.   

The NOAA Civil Rights Office (CRO) is responsible for ensuring that the D&I Implementation Plan is fully enacted and CRO will work closely with all offices to implement these identified actions. We know that our D&I efforts do not end with the publishing of this implementation plan.  This plan is a small part of NOAA’s strategy to firmly integrate D&I into the fabric of the organizational culture. NOAA will continue to forge ahead and look for new ways to promote D&I concepts and incorporate them into all of our activities. 

Below is an overview of each category of the plan to provide you with a clear understanding of what each section of the plan covers:

Objective – Is a sub-goal of the primary goal. It will help to achieve the primary goal

Tactic – Is the action taken to assist with obtaining the objective and achieving the primary goal

Target Data – The expected date of completion of the associated tactic

Responsible Officials/Office – The person and/or office responsible for completing the action

Performance Outcome – Is the performance result of the tactic and show the value of each tactic as connected to the objective

Metric to Measure – Is the quantitative measurement in which to measure the overall impact of each tactic

Yes/No – Indicates that the tactic has either been initiated or completed.

In addition to the Implementation Plan, we are also included a stoplight to measure our progress as we move forward with the execution of the tactics. This chart is designed to provide a visual depiction of our progress in relation to the accomplishment of the goals we have established.

NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan

NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Plan Metrics