The NOAA Civil Rights Office


NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices


In an ongoing effort to promote Diversity and Inclusion across NOAA, the Civil Rights Office has compiled the following list of Best Practices.  This list represents activities and initiatives currently being used by offices across NOAA to help promote Diversity and Inclusion.  We highly encourage you to take a look at the list to see if there are any activities you may be interested in adopting.  We are also interested in expanding the list.  If your office currently has a practice not on this list that you would be willing to share, please let us know and we will look to add it. Simply send us an e-mail to (use the office diversity e-mail address) detailing what you are doing and how it has had a positive impact on your Diversity and Inclusion efforts.     

NOAA Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices [05/14/2018]