LaJolla Lab Replacement

This project will replace NOAA's current National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) headquarters in La Jolla, California. The SWFSC facility is at risk—as determined by several geotechnical studies.

The facility sits atop a 180-foot high coastal bluff that is undergoing natural cliff erosion, with cliff failure being inevitable. This erosion has placed two of the four buildings within 20 feet of the cliff's edge, and forced NOAA to implement plans to abandon the two buildings and move into temporary offsite leased space. The relocation of staff from these two buildings was completed on June 2008. NOAA's SWFSC performs critical missions—conducting scientific research on fisheries management issues that have extended social and economic impacts, including the following:

Provides essential scientific input to Pacific Fishery Management Council for fisheries management plans that directly affect the operations and economics of an estimated 6,000 fishing vessels along the U.S. west coast.