Cooperative Institute and Research Center for Southeast Weather and Hydrology Cooperative

This project provides for the design and construction of a NOAA owned cooperative research facility on a University of Alabama lease site for the advancement of southeast and Gulf coast severe weather phenomena and tropical weather study. This NOAA/National Weather Service research facility will focus on weather and hydrology research in the Southeastern United States in collaboration with research universities in Alabama. Its purpose is to better understand the dynamics of weather and hydrology in the Southeast U.S. and its impact on people, the environment and the economy of the region.

The institute serves as a means of linking university, government, and industry capabilities and assets into an operational, systematic program to address issues related to weather unique to the Southeast, the impact weather has on water as a resource as well as the overall environmental and economic quality of the region. The institute seeks to identify specific actions that the region can take to ameliorate the negative impact of unusual weather posed by drought, flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. The Southeast suffers from more billion dollar disasters caused by severe weather than any other region of the country. Unlike other regions, the Southeast does not possess the surveillance, research and forecasting assets to study and predict these events.

This program will develop and acquire dual polar, phased array and multi frequency Doppler Radars and passive radiometers to study storms, improve rainfall estimates, and to begin to provide the citizens of the Southeast with state-of-the-art weather research and prediction capabilities and reduce the number of deaths, injuries and damage to property associated with severe weather.