MOC-A:  Contract award $1,783,830.  This is the east coast base for ship operations and support to the Atlantic fleet.  The project will address numerous deficiencies identified in the annual condition assessment survey report in the areas of HVAC, Electrical, General Construction, and Roofing.  Construction completion is planned by June 2010.

Milford Laboratory:  Contract award $1,506,291.  This is a fisheries northeast research facility.  It includes a circulating seawater system and numerous tanks and research areas.  The Main Lab Building was constructed in the mid 1960’s and most of the building support systems are from the original construction.  The project will address numerous deficiencies identified in the annual condition assessment survey report in the areas of HVAC, Elevator, General Construction, and Sanitary Waste.  Construction completion is planned to be by June 2010.

GFDL, Asbestos Abatement and HVAC:   Total contract award $2,500,000.  These are two separate contracts with the same contractor.  This is a triple net facility leased from Princeton University.  NOAA is responsible for maintenance of the building. The 3 story building contains asbestos in the structure fireproofing above the suspended ceiling on the first floor.  The third floor was remediated in 1985 when the roof was replaced. The second floor was remediated in 2008 by the MATOC contractor, Complete Building Corporation.  The area above the suspended ceiling is used as a return air plenum and this is the area with exposed fire proofing material. The project will demolish the suspended ceiling, remove and remediate the asbestos bearing fire proofing, and replace one of the HVAC unit with other mechanical modifications. Construction completion is planned by June 2010.

Galveston Sea Water Intake System:  Estimated cost $900,000.  As result of the damage from Hurricane Ike the sea water intake system was totally destroyed and will be replaced.  Design bid document will be completed in the end of May, construction award by end of July, and construction completion in March 2011.

Galveston Aqua Cell Building:  Contract award $1,350,000.  This facility was also destroyed by Hurricane Ike and is being replaced. This is a facility that provides recuperation for injured or sick sea mammals. Notice to proceed on construction was provided end of Feb. 2010 with a projected completion date is Nov. 2010.

Panama City, Florida, Gear Storage Building:  Construction award $85,926.  This is a National Marine Fisheries Laboratory.  This project involves numerous minor repair to the building exterior; re-point CMU, repair concrete, paint/reseal exterior walls, replace rusted out exterior passage entry door/frame (fiberglass door/frame), replace ventilation fan system (2 existing rusted vent fans), etc. Contractor has experience some delay in material delivery but still expect to complete by first of March.