NOAA National Capital Region (NCR) Building Management Branch

Building Management Division

NOAA National Capital Regional Center (Silver Spring, MD)

The Facilities Operations Branch - NCR is located at the Silver Spring Metro Center 1335, 1325, 1315, 1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland. The Branch provides a number of services related to the maintenance of the facilities for NOAA offices in the National Capital Region.

These services are scaled to the needs of each corporate NOAA complex to achieve effective building management, space management and delivery of general facilities services. The division is also responsible for NOAA's implementation of HSPD-12 requirements and coordination with the Department of Commerce on issues associated with facilities management.


  • Facility Services

    Information about meeting room scheduling, NCR campus policies, programs, and goals plus other local and regional items of general interest.

  • Security Services

    The Office of Security at NOAA on campus is responsible for ID cards, campus security, threat briefings, HSPD-12 and visitor access. Also, security awareness posters and a security responsibilities guide.