NOAA Facilities Operations Division

NOAA National Capital Regional Center (NRC) (Silver Spring, MD)

NOAA Facilities Operations - NCR

The Facilities Operations Division will manage NOAA's local building/campus management program, delivering facility administrative services at specific corporate campuses nationwide. The Division has responsibility for policy development and guidance, program execution and performance metrics, and customer relations.

NOAA Western Regional Center (WRC) (Seattle, WA)

NOAA Western Regional Center (WRC)

The Division is comprised of three (3) Building Management branches (National Capital Region, Boulder, CO, and Seattle, WA), and two building managers (Norfolk and Kansas City) that oversee facility administrative services delivered at various corporate complexes across the country, and the development and implementation of automated building management systems. These services include space management; site-specific shipping/handling site-specific mail distribution services; local Dispatch Pools. The Division also is responsible for NOAA's compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12 physical access and security requirements, and coordination with the DOC Office of Security regarding security and anti-terrorism risk protection measures at NOAA facilities.