NOAA Real Property, Facilities, and Logistics Office

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) new Center for Climate and Weather Prediction

The NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction

The Real Property, Facilities, and Logistics Office (RPFLO) manages NOAA's national facility management program, including real and personal property management operations and services and construction project management services to support NOAA facilities and construction projects nationally.

The Office is responsible for long-range facilities program planning, policy development, and program execution. The Office provides policy, oversight, and direction to ensure effective real property acquisition support (including capital and operating leases) and asset management services for NOAA's real property portfolio (including total cost of ownership and operations, facility condition assessments and investments in cyclic repair and maintenance); NOAA's logistics program (including personal property and fleet management; printing and publications; shipping, handling and storage); and resolution of audit issues resulting from financial audits.