OCAO FOIA Reference Guide

Welcome to the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Home Page.  This page is designed to assist those within the OCAO in processing and responding to FOIA requests assigned to their respective office.  Additional resources relating to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts can be found on the NOAA FOIA Website at the following link:  http://www.noaa.gov/foia/index.html.

If you have questions or comments regarding the OCAO FOIA process, please contact Jean Carter-Johnson on (301) 713-4457 or via email at Mary Ann Whitmeyer.



NOAA FOIA Home Page:   

Department of Commerce - Attorney-of-the-Day

DOJ / OIP Guidance

FOIA Counselor(s) -

FOIA Training / Opportunities

OCAO FOIA Contacts: 

Name OFFICE Phone Number
Mary Ann Whitmeyer (FOIA Liaison) OCAO 301 713-4457
Amanda Basuel P & A (301) 713-0850 x173
Mack Cato AIMO 301-713-1151 x 204
Roy Eckert FOD 301-713-2229 x 110
Steve Gallagher IRC 808-690-9607
Joseph Hairston CRO 301-713-0500 X 189
Patrick Holt IT 301-713-0850 X 188
Deborah Johnson PPMD 301-713-0850
Ann Murphy DE 202-482-2905
David Quivey SECO 301-713-2870 X 117
Bethany Schwartz RPMD 301-713-0937 X 107
Joy Taylor LOD 301-713-3551 X 154

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