Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) Front Office

Name Title Phone Number
Deirdre Jones Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) 301-628-1000
Toni Parham Chief of Staff (Acting) 301-628-0974
  Administrative Assistant  

Planning and Administration (P&A)

The OCAO Planning and Administration (P&A) Staff is an interdisciplinary team within OCAO that serves NOAA’s mission through integrated and collaborative planning processes, using comprehensive data analysis to validate future projects and initiatives; advises NOAA internal customers based upon sound quantitative and qualitative analysis, leveraging the resources of its interdisciplinary team; reaches across OCAO, NOAA, Department of Commerce, and Federal community boundaries to facilitate alignment of NOAAs initiatives with the evolving goals and policies of the Federal government through information sharing; and, maximizes the opportunity for OCAO initiatives to receive funding by influencing decision making processes, through strategic communication and relationship building.

Name Title Phone Number
  Director, Planning & Administration Staff  
  Senior Financial Analyst  
Nathalie Tisseaux Architect, Senior Capital Investment Analyst 301-628-0970
  Senior Budget Analyst  
Joel Yoffee Senior Financial Analyst 301-628-0964

Budget and Administrative Operations Staff (BAOS)

The OCAO Budget and Administrative Operations Staff (BAOS) serves as the focal point within OCAO for the financial management of all fiscal resources provided to the organization. BAOS staff are responsible for all aspects of OCAO budget execution, including the development of budget operating plans, monitoring reimbursable funds and agreements, and analyses of variances between spend plans and actual expenditures. In addition, the team provides resource alternatives to Management, prepares financial status reports and serves a liaison between OCAO and the NOAA Budget office.

Name Title Phone Number
Vacant Budget and Administrative Operations Manager  
Carol Browning Budget Analyst 816-426-2062
Vacant Acquisition Liaison  
  Budget Analyst  
Lydia Kenlaw Management Analyst 301-628-0925
Amy Yu Budget Analyst 301-713-0972 x124
Mary Ann
Financial Management Analyst 301-628-0999
Yashieka Anglin Management Analyst 301-713-2215, x191
Jean Carter-Johnson Management & Program Analyst 301-713-4576

Deemed Exports

OCAO is accountable for establishing and administering the NOAA deemed exports compliance program, including policies and procedures required to execute the program. Under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, an export of technology or source code is "deemed" to take place when it is released to a foreign national within the United States. NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 207-12, "Technology Controls and Foreign National Access" establishes guidance for NOAA organizations regarding their responsibility to identify and safeguard sensitive technology subject to Export Administration Regulation controls and establishes requirements for obtaining appropriate approvals from the Department of Commerce Office of Security for foreign national visitors and guests seeking access to NOAA facilities.

Name Title Phone Number
Ann Murphy Management andt Program Analyst 202-482-2905 (HCHB)

Information Technology

The Information Technology Team supports OCAO's business operations with the planning and implementation of new technology, systems, and automated solutions. This includes the conducting of requirements analysis as well as development of business case analyses, gap analyses, and migration plans. The Team actively manages the content and functionality of the OCAO segment of the NOAA website and ensures compliance with NOAA IT Security and interoperability specifications.

Name Title Phone Number
Patrick Holt IT Specialist 301-628-0955
Alexander Smith IT Specialist 301-628-0961
Dinah Du IT Specialist 301- 628-0960

Pacific Regional Center

The Inouye Regional Center (IRC) is located on historic Ford Island, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii. The IRC combines new facilities with the historic preservation of four historic buildings culminating into a campus which is environmentally sustainable, state of the art, and Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED) Gold Certified.

The IRC Team's vision is to be a high performance sustainable facility that will enhance the technical and scientific research and operations conducted by our building tenants and their partners. The Team's mission is to provide excellent Facility Management and Information Technology Services which will support the strategic mission of NOAA which are low in cost, expeditious, and “no ka oi” (Number One).

Name Title Phone Number
Steve Gallagher NOAA Site Manager - Inouye Regional Center 202-482-4022
Ian Chun IT Specialist 808-927-6444
Richard LaPenes IT Specialist (Network) 808-725-6202
Bob Drummond, PE Senior Facility Operations Manager 808-725-6211
Aaron Kaneao, PE Facility Operations Specialist 808-725-6212
Ben Roth, AIA NOAA Senior Project Manager 301-713-0848
John Shrewsbury, PE Hawaii Project Manager 808-772-2085
Diane Kuderik Budget Analyst 808-725-6221