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The Grants Online Program Management Office takes system security very seriously. Grants Online is the official system of records for NOAA, ITA, MBDA, DOC-OS and NTIA BTOP grants related documents. Some of the information within Grants Online is sensitive in nature and is not releasable to the general public; however Grants Online does not contain PII data. Since the system must sit outside the NOAA firewall in order to allow access by recipients, reviewers, and the general public, we have taken several precautions to ensure proper system security. However, Grants Online can only be secure if the personnel who use it treat security seriously. The information presented below is intended to make you more aware of your responsibilities as an authorized user of Grants Online.

Levels of Security
Role Based - Users may only perform functions within their assigned role(s), e.g. A Budget Officer may edit and approve or reject a procurement request, and may view the related application package documents, but may not do much else.
Scope Based - Program Office personnel are limited to viewing applications submitted to their own Program Office, and to applications from other Program Offices only if specifically authorized.
Document Based - Original application documents are always locked. Documents sent through workflow are locked and remain locked if approved. Signed award actions cannot be unlocked.

Passwords must contain at least twelve (12) non-blank characters.
Passwords cannot contain quotation marks.
A Password must begin with an alphabetic character.
At least one of the characters must be a number(0-9).
At least one of the characters must be a special character. The only special characters allowed are the underscore "_", dollar sign "$", and pound sign "#".
Six of the characters may only occur once in the password.
Passwords must not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters.
Once the password is successfully modified you will be redirected to login page to login with the new password.
Do NOT share your password with anyone!
Do NOT allow anyone to share their password with you.

User Responsibility
Users are responsible for their actions. Carelessness, such as leaving the work area unattended while logged on to Grants Online can lead to the unauthorized disclosure of information.
Report security breaches to the Grants Online PMO staff or Help Desk - 301-444-2112.
As always, you may be held civilly or criminally liable for information you divulge that harms an applicant, recipient, or reviewer.




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August 29, 2011 08:10 AM