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Grants Online Survey is the Federal portal for the listing of Federal funding opportunities from 26 Federal agencies. and Grants Online interface with each other as part of the NOAA grants lifecycle process. With, individuals and organizations can perform the following:

“Find Grant Opportunities” allows users to:
Search for available grant opportunities
Register to receive notification of grant opportunities

“Apply for Grants” allows users to:
Search for and download application packages
Complete application packages offline
Submit completed application packages
Track the status of submitted applications

To view the website, click:

View the newsletter to read about a "Find and Apply" success story out of Lexington, SC!

Register at
Any person may view or download applications from However, in order to apply for any grant opportunities, organizations will need to register at Please note that registration may take from 7 to 28 business days to process. Organizations which do not have a taxpayer identification number or an employee identification number will have to obtain this information from the Internal Revenue Service.

The following are three primary user roles in
  • The e-business point of contact (E-Biz POC) determines who is allowed to submit grant application packages on behalf of an organization (registration required).
  • The authorized organization representative (AOR) has the ability to submit applications on behalf of an organization.
  • The application author (AA) downloads and prepares grant application packages but does not have signature authority to submit the applications.

Registration Process
Preparing to Apply for grants via opportunities is a 3-step process:
  • Register organization with Central Contractor Registry (CCR) (one time)
    Individual authentication through Credential Provider (one time)
    Logging in to as a verified member
  • Register with as an AOR (Authorized Official Representative). The E-Biz POC will be notified by email and goes to to grant the AOR access.

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