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NTIA Pre-Award Training - Additional Post Training Resources

Questions and Answers (updated September 1, 2021)

Video #1 The following topics are included (approx. length: 1 hour 21 minutes)
      a. Overview of Grants Online
      b. Enter a Paper Application

Video #2   Conducting a Review Event using Grants Online (approx. length: 1 hour 54 minutes)

Video #3   Selecting an Application for Funding (approx. length: 47 minutes)

Video #4 The following topics are included (approx. length: 1 hour 35 minutes)
      a. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
      b. Program Office Checklist (PO Checklist)
      c. Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF)

Video #5   Questions from the Grants Online student assessment (approx. length: 6 minutes)

NTIA Pre-Award Training - Resources available before Training

1. NTIA Training Manual
The most recent version of the NTIA New FPO Training Manual (last updated prior to the July 2021 class).

Click here for the Training Manual NTIA Grants Online Training Manual

2. Post Training Evaluation
Your opportunity to comment on the training content. What was done well; what could have been done better or differently?
We request your constructive comments and feedback to improve the training for future students.
Click here for the Grants Online Student Evaluation: Grants Online Post-Training Evaluation

3. GoToMeeting Info
See links below for the Go To Webinar and Go To Meeting links:

      Morning session -
      Afternoon session -

NTIA Refresher (Pre-Award) Training

Video Recording
(recorded December 2, 2021)

      a. Training Resources approx. timeline: 7:00

      b. Receive Applications (Input a Paper Application or via
              (COMP-2 / top section) approx. timeline: 10:00

      c. Review Minimum Requirements
              (COMP-2 / top section) approx. timeline: 29:00

      d. Review Reviewer Instructions
              (COMP-2 / middle section) approx. timeline 30:00

      e. Select Applications for Funding (Competition Page & Selection Package Page)
              (COMP-3) approx. timeline 38:00 (1st Award in the Competition)
              (COMP-3) approx. timeline 1:10:00 (2nd Award in the Competition)

      f. Start Award Processing (PO Checklist; NEPA; and Procurement Request and Commitment of Funds (PRCF))
              (COMP-4) approx. timeline 1:04:00 (1st Award in the Selection Package)
              (COMP-4) approx. timeline 1:24:00 (2nd Award in the Selection Package)

      g. GMD Review, Obligation, Approval and Award Offer
              (GMD-1) approx. timeline 2:35:30

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