Financial Systems Division

Info Look-Ups

Payment Notification Details - Click on this link to get more detailed information about a payment you have received from CBS.

CBS ACCS Validation - Click on this link to validate some or all parts of the CBS Accounting Classification Code Structure (ACCS) down to the Object Class.

FIMA to/from CBS Accounting Conversion - Click on this link to convert all or part of a FIMA accounting classification code to the CBS accounting classification codes.

CBS Project/Task Codes Listing - Click on this link to get a listing of one or more CBS Project codes and associated CBS Task codes for any NOAA organization. This data may be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

CBS Task Code Lookup - Click this button to get a list of CBS Task codes associated with your CBS Project code.

CBS Project/Task Request Form - Click this button to download the form to request a new CBS code, deactivate a CBS code or change a CBS code's title. (For a current description of each CBS Fund, the associated Project Types and the previous FIMA Fund Codes pertinent to completing this form, click here to go to the CBS GL Info Page.)