Copier Management

The Logistics Management Branch (LMB) is responsible for copier management across all NOAA offices. Copiers are defined as multifunctional devices (MFDs) that can make copies of printed or graphic matter with the ability to also scan, print and fax. 

The number of copies on an office copier shall not exceed 500 copies of any one page or a total of 5,000 units (pages x copies) in the aggregate. Copying requirements that exceed these limits must be produced in the NOAA in-house Duplicating Plant, or an approved GPO vendor vehicle that will be managed through the Logistics Management Branch Printing Services.

NOAA Copier Manager

The Copier Manager is responsible for approving/disapproving the need for an administrative copier according to the requirements set in the NOAA Administrative Order 206-6.

Please note -
*Offices are not allowed to have finishing capabilities outside of stapling and hole punching on administrative copiers.
*Printers (e.g. desktop or stand-alone) whose sole purpose is to print from a desktop or laptop computer are not covered under this webpage.
*The Copier Manager does not approve the need for a Brand Name Copier.

Acquiring a Copier

There are two acquisition vehicles that can be used to procure a copier.

  1. Work with your Acquisition Servicing Group to purchase/lease a copier or;
  2. Use the current DOC Umbrella Contract to lease a Copier (NOAA Copier Manager will liaison this process). * The Line Office/Program Office will be responsible to determine which procurement vehicle is the best value to the Government.

Determine if there is a copier within the vicinity of your working area that can be share. If not,

  1. Complete the Copier Specification Worksheet to define your requirements. Examples of some requirements are:
    1. How many copies per month will be made?
    2. Is black required or both black and color?
    3. How many users will use the copier?
    4. Is networking needed to print from desktop computers?
    5. Are scanning capabilities needed?
    6. Who will be the Point of Contact to verify and certify bills, orders supplies, renew the contract?
    7. Will the copier be leased or purchased?
  2. Complete the Copier Justification Memorandum. This Justification Memo references the NOAA Administrative Order 206-6, Copying Equipment.

Once you have completed the Copier Specification Worksheet and the Copier Justification Memorandum, please submit the paperwork to for review and approval from the Copier Manager. 

*If you are using your Servicing Acquisition Group, you will need to provide them with both of the NOAA Copier Manager approved documents along with your Acquisition Packet (please refer to AGO with any acquisition specific questions).

*All copiers, leased or purchased will need to be entered into the Personal Property asset system Sunflower.  Work with your property officials for guidance.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact the NOAA Copier Manager (