Business Cards

The Logistics Management Branch (LMB) has sole approval and authorization to order business cards for NOAA employees using appropriated funds. An agreement has been established through the Government Printing Office (GPO) for this purpose.

You may place orders by completing the NOAA Business Card Order Form (Portable Document Format (PDF)) and emailing the form to

Faxed orders will not be accepted!

NOAA Authority and Policy for Purchase of Business Cards


The Justice Department has ruled that government agencies may use appropriated funds to purchase business (calling) cards. The Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Secretary for Administration, Department of Commerce has issued supplemental guidelines which support this change in policy

NOAA Policy

Appropriated funds may be used for the purchase of business cards (which must be used solely for conducting NOAA related business) under the following conditions:

NOAA Business Cards are for federal employees only. Contractors and fellowes are not eligible to have business cards printed using appropriated funds. Contractor employees and/or fellowes may not use government business cards or business cards that state or imply that they are federal employees. Contractors may not represent the government nor represent themselves as government employees.

Any contractor or fellowe who prints their own business cards will do so at their own expense and will not use government-furnished equipment to produce the cards. The use of the agency’s name, seal, or acronym in connection with commercial activity is prohibited unless approval is obtained. Approval is granted by the NOAA Printing Officer and can be requested by emailing the request to

Ordering Information

Procedures for Completing the Order Form

Before placing an order, employees should confirm they have a frequent and justifiable need for the use of a business card during the course of transacting business on the behalf of NOAA.

Orders are collected and batched weekly on the last business day of the week, though rush orders are available at a substantially increased cost. All orders must be received no later than 11:00 am (EST) on the last business day of the week to be included in the order. Any orders received after that time will be held until the following week. Orders will be delivered to LMB within ten (10) workdays after receipt by the printer. Allow additional time for shipping for customers not on the Silver Spring Metro Center (SSMC) campus.
The form must include a valid appropriation code and a signature by either a Senior Executive Service (SES) Director, or designee within a NOAA Line, Staff, or Corporate office.

The following procedures must be adhered to when completing the business card order form. Incomplete and/or unsigned forms will not be accepted.

Immediately upon receipt of your business cards, it is imperative that you review your business cards for accuracy of format; correctness of information requested; and to verify the correct quantity.

Business Card Costs

Standard Orders

Because business cards are ordered using a Simplified Purchase Agreement (SPA) through GPO, orders are subject to the 8% + $7.50 assessed by GPO on all orders to help defer the agency’s administrative costs. Additionally, the SPA vendor charges a standard delivery fee, regardless of how many cards are ordered. As a result, the cost for business cards can vary depending on the number of orders in the batch. However, the maximum cost for any standard business card order is as follows:

Rush Orders

The pricing for standard business card orders is based, in part, on volume discounts for orders of four (4) or more sets. As a result, if the business cards are required more quickly than the normal ten (10) business days, the office with have a higher per set cost for a rush order. In addition, the office will be a charged a $25 rush charge, as well as bearing the full GPO surcharge and shipping burden. The maximum costs for rush orders are as follows:

Destruction of Business Cards

Please note that if you are separating from NOAA or will need new business cards ordered, your existing business cards must be destroyed

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning the business card program or require further information on the completion of the business card order form, please contact