NOAA Records Management

Steps in Inventorying Records

  1. Decide on the information to be collected.
  2. Decide how the information will be collected.
  3. Prepare an inventory form.
  4. Decide who will conduct the inventory, and train them if necessary.
  5. Learn where the agency’s files are located, both physically and organizationally.
  6. Conduct the inventory.
  7. Verify and analyze the results

Decide on the Information to Be Collected

Record Series Information

Systems Information

Decide How the Information Will Be Collected

Prepare an Inventory Form

Use these tools to capture inventory information:

Decide Who Will Conduct the Inventory

Learn Where the Agency’s Files Are Located

Conduct the Records Inventory

Gathering Data

Verify and Analyze the Results

Check questionnaires for errors:

Sample Inventory Spreadsheet & PowerPoint