System name:

Small Purchase Records.

System location:

1. Records on cardholders and authorizing officials: the Office of the Secretary's computer facilities in Springfield, Virginia at 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22151.

2. Records reflecting information on imprest funds paid to individuals: Finance Services Division, Office of Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Germantown, Maryland 20876.

Categories of individuals covered by the system:

Commerce employees established as Government Credit Card (BankCard) holders and their authorizing officials; and individuals seeking reimbursement through the Department's imprest funds.

Categories of records in the system:

Name, social security number, official duty station; background information and authorities given to BankCard holders and authorizing officials, and claim for reimbursement forms filed by imprest fund claimants; receipts for small purchases, and receipts and/or other documentation for nominal expenses incurred for ground transportation.

Authorities for maintenance of the system:

31 U.S.C. 3321 and 40 U.S.C. 486(c).

Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including categories of users and the purposes of such uses:

Records and data may be disclosed, as necessary, (1) to Members of Congress who respond to inquiries for individual constituents that are record subjects; (2) to representatives of the General Services Administration or to the National Archives and Records Administration who conduct records management inspections under the authority of 44 U.S.C. 2904 and 2906; (3) to a non-government company providing credit card consulting or contracting services to the Government. Also, records and data may be disclosed, as necessary, (1) in responding to a request for discovery or for the appearance of a witness, provided that what is disclosed pertains to the subject matter involved in a pending judicial or administrative proceeding; and (2) to respond to a Federal agency's request made regarding the hiring or retention of an employee, provided that the information disclosed is relevant and necessary to the requesting agency's decision on the matter. If material in this system indicates a violation of civil, criminal, or regulatory law whether arising by general statute, by regulation, or order issued pursuant thereto, then the relevant records may be disclosed to the appropriate Federal, state, local or foreign agency charged with investigating or prosecuting such violation or charged with enforcing or implementing the statute, or rule, regulation or order, issued pursuant thereto.

Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, retaining, and disposing of records in a system:


System records will be stored on paper, computer printouts, magnetic tape, word processor diskettes, microform media or other electronic media.


Records are retrieved by employee name, social security number or account number.


Paper records and backup diskettes are located in locked metal file cabinets; data on personal computer is password protected. Other machine readable records are stored on magnetic tape in a safe accessible only to security personnel; captured social security numbers will be invisible and will be maintained and sealed in a record system maintained solely in the Springfield office.

Retention and disposal:

Records will be retained and disposed of at the time specified in the National Archives and Records Administration General Records Schedules 7 and 20. Records on electronic media will be erased, and records on paper, microform or microfiche will be destroyed through shredding or burning.

Records that must be retained longer than the specified retention period (e.g., records kept under court order, etc.) shall be maintained until appropriate releases are issued. At that time, such records will be disposed of in the method described above.

System manager(s) and address:

1. For Charge Card Management Information System: Director, Office of Financial Policies and Procedures, Office of Financial Management, room H6818, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. 2. For Imprest Management Information System: Chief, Finance Services Division, Office of Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230.

Notification procedures:

Information may be obtained from the System Manager(s). Requester should provide his or her name pursuant to the inquiry provisions of the Department's rules which appear in 15 CFR part 4b.

Records access procedures:

Requests from individuals should be sent to the address stated in the notification section above.

Contesting record procedures:

The Department's rules for access, for contesting contents, and appealing the initial determination appear in 15 CFR part 4b. Use above address.

Record source categories:

The subject individual, commercial entities involved, contractors, and those authorized by the individual to furnish information.