Privacy Act Systems of Records (SORNs)

NOAA Privacy Act System of Records
Number System Name
NOAA - 1 Applicants for the NOAA Corps
NOAA - 2 Commissioned Officers Official Travel Orders Folders
NOAA - 3 Commissioned Officer Official Personnel Folders
NOAA - 4 Commissioned Officers Retired Payroll
NOAA - 5 Fisheries Law Enforcement Case Files
NOAA - 6 Fishermen's Statistical Data
NOAA - 7 Guest Workers at National Geophysical and Solar-Terrestrial Data Center
NOAA - 8 Individuals Engaged in Weather Modification Activities
NOAA - 9 Scientist-Researchers in GATE (Global Atmospheric Research Program Atlantic Tropical Experiment)
NOAA - 10 NOAA Diving Program File
NOAA - 11 NOAA Mailing Lists
NOAA - 12 Marine Mammals, Endangered and Threatened Species, Permits, and Exemptions Applicants
NOAA - 13 Personnel, Payroll, Travel, and Attendance Records of the Regional Fishery Management Councils
NOAA - 14 Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program
NOAA - 15 Alaska Region-North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program: Certified Domestic Observer Final Evaluations
NOAA - 16 Crab Economic Data Report (EDR) for BSAI off the Coast of Alaska
NOAA - 17 Permits and Registrations for Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) off the Coast of Alaska
NOAA - 18 Reserved
NOAA - 19 Permits and Registrations for United States Federally Regulated
NOAA - 20 Search and Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) 406 MHz Emergency Beacon Registration Database


Department of Commerce Privacy Act System of Records
Department System Name
Department 1 Attendance, Leave, and Payroll Records of Employees and Certain Other Persons
Department 2 Accounts Receivable
Department 3 Conflict of Interest Records, Appointed Oficials
Department 4 Congressional Files
Department 5 Freedom of Information and Privacy Request Records
Department 6 Visitor Logs and Permits for Facilities Under Department Control
Department 7 Employee Accident Reports
Department 8 Employee Applications for Motor Vehicle Operator's Card
Department 9 Travel Records (Domestic and Foreign) of Employees and Certain Other Persons
Department 10 Executive Correspondence Files
Department 11 Candidates for Membership, Members and Former Members of Department of Commerce Advisory Committees
Department 12 Investigative and Inspection Records
Department 13 Investigative and Security Records
Department 14 Litigation, Claims, and Administrative Proceeding Records
Department 15 Private Legislation Claimants-Central Legislative Files
Department 16 Property Accountability Files
Department 17 Records of Cash Receipts
Department 18 Employees Personnel Files Not Covered by Notices of Other Agencies
Department 19 Department Mailing Lists
Department 20 Biographical Files
Department 21 Telephone Call Detail Records
Department 22 Small Purchase Records