NOAA Privacy Act Definitions

This section lists common words and definitions used when discussing the Privacy Act.

Civil Penalties

Penalties that are applicable if an individual or organization:

Criminal Penalties

The Privacy Act prescribes criminal penalties, including fines up to $5,000, against:

With respect to these criminal penalties, it should be noted that Federal officers and employees are personally liable on an INDIVIDUAL basis, that no Federal bonding protection is available, and that no Federal legal counsel will be provided to aid a person charged with violating the Act. Of course, legal advice is available, and sometimes required, on whether a contemplated action would be consistent with the Act.

Privacy Act Officer

Individual responsible for serving as a focal point for Privacy Act matters within NOAA and providing liaison assistance between the unit and the Assistant Secretary for Administration.

Privacy Act Record

Any record as defined in section (a)(4) of the Privacy Act, which is maintained in a system of records.

Privacy Act System of Records

Any system of records as defined in section (a)(5) of the Privacy Act and noted in the Federal Register either by the Department of Commerce or by another Federal agency.

System Manager

Official or employee identified in a published notice of a Privacy Act System as the responsible manager of the system within NOAA.