Appendix B to Part 4

Appendix B to Part 4-- Officials Authorized to Deny Requests for Records Under the Freedom of Information Act, and Requests for Records and Requests for Correction or Amendment Under the Privacy Act

The officials of the Department listed below and their superiors have authority, with respect to the records for which each is responsible, to deny requests for records under the FOIA 1, and requests for records and requests for correction or amendment under the PA. In addition, the Departmental Freedom of Information Officer and the Freedom of Information Officer for the Office of the Secretary have the foregoing FOIA and PA denial authority for all records of the Department, and the Departmental Freedom of Information officer is authorized to assign that authority, on a case-by-case basis only, to any of the officials listed below, if the records responsive to a request include records for which more than one official listed below is responsible. The Departmental Freedom of Information Officer is authorized to revise this appendix to reflect changes in designation of denial officials. Any such revisions shall be posted at the Department's "FOIA Home Page" link found at the Department's World Wide Web site (

Office of the Secretary

Assistant Secretary for Administration

Bureau of Export Administration

Economics and Statistics Administration

Economic Development Administration

International Trade Administration


Import Administration

Market Access and Compliance

Trade Development

U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service

Minority Business Development Administration

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Technology Administration

1 The foregoing officials have sole authority under Section 4.7(b) to deny requests for records in any respect, including, for example, denying requests for reduction or waiver of fees.