NOAA Circular         05-22                                                     November 23, 2005


TO:       Office of the Under Secretary

          Staff Office of the Under Secretary

          Administrative Delivery Points


Effective November 27, 2005, the Office of Acquisition and Grants, formerly under the Office of Finance and Administration, is reorganized and established within the Staff Offices of the Under Secretary. 

This Circular supersedes NOAA Circular 05-08 dated July 21, 2005, which is hereby revoked.


The organization and related code structures are revised as follows:



ORGANIZATION                                        ROUTING

CODE                ORGANIZATION TITLE              CODE

AJF000        The Office of Acquisition and Grants  SOU6

AJF000        Office of the Director                SOU6

AJF011        Planning, Policy and Systems Division SOU6011

AJF012        Commerce Bankcard Center              SOU6012

AJF100        NWS Acquisition Division              SOU610

AJF200        NESDIS Acquisition Division           SOU620

AJF300        Staff Offices/External Client

                Acquisition Division                SOU630

AJF400        NOS/NMFS/OAR Acquisition Division     SOU640

AJF500        Satellite Program Acquisition Division SOU650

AJF600        High Performance Computing

                Acquisition Division                SOU660

AJF700        Eastern Region Acquisition Division   SOU670

AJF800        Central Region Acquisition Division   SOU680

AJF900        Mountain Region Acquisition Division  SOU690

AJFX10        Western Region Acquisition Division   SOU6100

AJFX11        Grants Management Division            SOU6110





AJF000        54-06-06              

AJF011        54-06-06-0000-01      

AJF012        54-06-06-0000-02      

AJF100        54-06-06-0001          

AJF200        54-06-06-0002          

AJF300        54-06-06-0003

AJF400        54-06-06-0004

AJF500        54-06-06-0005

AJF600        54-06-06-0006

AJF700        54-06-06-0007

AJF800        54-06-06-0008

AJF900        54-06-06-0009

AJFX10        54-06-06-0010

AJFX11        54-06-06-0011





54-01-21                                 54-01-21-0004

54-01-21-0000-01                         54-01-21-0005

54-01-21-0000-01-01                      54-01-21-0006

54-01-21-0000-01-02                      54-01-21-0007

54-01-21-0001                            54-01-21-0008

54-01-21-0002                            54-01-21-0009

54-01-21-0003                            54-01-21-0010




Eduardo J. Ribas

Eduardo J. Ribas

Director for Human Resources Management