NOAA Circular 04-04 Issued: August 2, 2004

SUBJECT:  Retitle - National Weather Service – Office of Climate, 
          Water and Weather Services, Training Division

TO:       National Weather Service 
            Assistant Administrator
          Office of Finance and Administration
          Administrative Support Centers

Effective August 8, the Cooperative Program for Operational 
Meteorology, Education, and Training (COMET) Branch will be 
renamed the Forecast Decision Training Branch (FDTB).  This 
change reflects the National Weather Service’s commitment to 
provide timely training in support of NWS and NOAA performance 
metrics.  This change will also better reflect the functions of 
the Branch in meeting the seven forecast-related Government 
Performance and Results Act (GPRA) goals.  The name change will 
also better synergize FDTB with another branch in the Training 
Division, the Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB), which 
addresses the seven warning-related GPRA goals.

   CODE              ORGANIZATION TITLE                   CODE  


 WB9630       From: Cooperative Program for 	         W/OS63
                    Operational Meteorology, 
			Education, and Training (COMET)
              To:   Forecast Decision Training 
			Branch (FDTB)

William F. Broglie
Chief Administrative Officer