NOAA Circular 01-06 Issued: September 20, 2001

SUBJECT:  Realignment - National Marine Fisheries Service,
                        Fisheries Science Centers         

TO:       Assistant Administrator - National Marine Fisheries
          Office of Finance and Administration
          Administrative Support Centers

Effective October 7, 2001, the organization code structures for 
the Fisheries Science Centers are renumbered to comply with the 
financial management center (FMC) designated identifier for CAMS.

The revised organization and related code structure are as 

   CODE              ORGANIZATION TITLE                 CODE    

  FM7000    Northeast Fisheries Science Center          F/NEC
  FM7001    NE Fisheries Science Center (Narragansett)  F/NECx01
  FM7010    Research Planning and Coordination Office   F/NECx1
  FM7020    Operations, Management, and Information     F/NECx2
              Services Staff
  FM7021    OMI (Narragansett)                          F/NECx21
  FM7022    OMI (Milford)                               F/NECx22
  FM7023    OMI (Sandy Hook)                            F/NECx23
  FM7024    OMI (Gloucester)                            F/NECx24
  FM7030    Data Management Staff                       F/NECx3
  FM7031    Data Management Staff (Narragansett)        F/NECx31
  FM7032    Data Management Staff (Milford)             F/NECx32
  FM7033    Data Management Staff (Sandy Hook)          F/NECx33
  FM7100    Ecosystem Processes Division (Sandy Hook)   F/NEC1
  FM7110    Behavioral Ecology Branch (Sandy Hook)      F/NEC11
  FM7120    Oceanography Branch                         F/NEC12
  FM7121    Oceanography Branch (Narragansett)          F/NEC121
  FM7130    Coastal Ecology Branch (Sandy Hook)         F/NEC13
  FM7140    Marine Chemistry Branch (Sandy Hook)        F/NEC14
  FM7200    Fisheries and Ecosystems Monitoring and     F/NEC2
              Analysis Division
  FM7210    Fisheries Sampling Branch                   F/NEC21
  FM7220    Ecosystems Surveys Branch                   F/NEC22
  FM7221    Ecosystems Surveys Branch (Narragansett)    F/NEC221
  FM7230    Population Biology Branch                   F/NEC23
  FM7231    Population Biology Branch (Narragansett)    F/NEC231
  FM7300    Resource Evaluation & Assessment Division   F/NEC3
  FM7310    Population Dynamics Branch                  F/NEC31
  FM7320    Protected Species Branch                    F/NEC32
  FM7330    Social Sciences Branch                      F/NEC33
  FM7400    Aquaculture and Enhancement Div. (Milford)  F/NEC4
  FM7410    Culture Systems and Habitat Evaluation      F/NEC41
              Branch (Milford)
  FM7420    Biotechnology Branch (Milford)              F/NEC42
  FM7421    Biotechnology Branch (Sandy Hook)           F/NEC421
  FM7500    National Systematics Laboratory             F/NEC5

  FN7000    Southeast Fisheries Science Center          F/SEC
  FN7010    Science Planning and Coordination Office    F/SECx1
  FN7020    Operations, Management, and Information     F/SECx2
              Services Staff
  FN7100    Sustainable Fisheries Division              F/SEC1
  FN7110    Panama City Branch                          F/SEC11
  FN7200    Protected Resources and Biodiversity Div.   F/SEC2
  FN7300    Mississippi Laboratories                    F/SEC3
  FN7310    Pascagoula Facility                         F/SEC31
  FN7320    Stennis Facility                            F/SEC32
  FN7400    Galveston Laboratory                        F/SEC4
  FN7500    Beaufort Laboratory                         F/SEC5

  FP7000    Northwest Fisheries Science Center          F/NWC
  FP7010    Operations, Management, and Information     F/NWCx1
              Services Staff
  FP7100    Conservation Biology Division               F/NWC1
  FP7110    Montlake Facility                           F/NWC11
  FP7120    Newport Facility                            F/NWC12
  FP7130    Manchester Facility                         F/NWC13
  FP7200    Resource Enhancement and Utilization        F/NWC2
              Technologies Division
  FP7210    Montlake Facility                           F/NWC21
  FP7220    Newport Facility                            F/NWC22
  FP7230    Manchester Facility                         F/NWC23
  FP7300    Fish Ecology Division                       F/NWC3
  FP7310    Montlake Facility                           F/NWC31
  FP7320    Newport Facility                            F/NWC32
  FP7330    Manchester Facility                         F/NWC33
  FP7340	  Pasco Facility                              F/NWC34
  FP7350    Hammond Facility                            F/NWC35
  FP7400    Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring    F/NWC4
  FP7410    Montlake Facility                           F/NWC41
  FP7420    Newport Facility                            F/NWC42
  FP7500    Environmental Conservation Division         F/NWC5
  FP7510    Montlake Facility                           F/NWC51
  FP7520    Newport Facility                            F/NWC52
  FP7530    Mukilteo Facility                           F/NWC53

  FR7000    Southwest Fisheries Science Center          F/SWC
  FR7010    Operations, Management, and Information     F/SWCx1
              Services Staff
  FR7020    Senior Scientist                            F/SWCx2
  FR7100    Fisheries Resources Division                F/SWC1
  FR7200    Protected Resources Division                F/SWC2
  FR7300    Antarctic Ecosystem Research Group          F/SWC3
  FR7400    Honolulu Laboratory                         F/SWC4
  FR7500    Santa Cruz/Tiburon Laboratory               F/SWC5
  FR7600    Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory  F/SWC6

  FS7000    Alaska Fisheries Science Center             F/AKC
  FS7010    Operations, Management, and Information     F/AKCx1
              Services Staff
  FS7100    Resource Assessment and Conservation        F/AKC1
              Engineering Division
  FS7200    Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management   F/AKC2
  FS7300    National Marine Mammal Laboratory           F/AKC3
  FS7400    Auke Bay Laboratory                         F/AKC4




 FM7000  54-30-21                 FN7320  54-30-31-0003-02
 FM7001  54-30-21-0000-00-01      FN7400  54-30-31-0004
 FM7010  54-30-21-0000-01         FN7500  54-30-31-0005
 FM7020  54-30-21-0000-02         FP7000  54-30-41       
 FM7021  54-30-21-0000-02-01      FP7010  54-30-41-0000-01
 FM7022  54-30-21-0000-02-02      FP7100  54-30-41-0001
 FM7023  54-30-21-0000-02-03      FP7110  54-30-41-0001-01
 FM7024  54-30-21-0000-02-04      FP7120  54-30-41-0001-02
 FM7030  54-30-21-0000-03         FP7130  54-30-41-0001-03
 FM7031  54-30-21-0000-03-01      FP7200  54-30-41-0002
 FM7032  54-30-21-0000-03-02      FP7210  54-30-41-0002-01
 FM7033  54-30-21-0000-03-03      FP7220  54-30-41-0002-02
 FM7100  54-30-21-0001            FP7230  54-30-41-0002-03
 FM7110  54-30-21-0001-01         FP7300  54-30-41-0003
 FM7120  54-30-21-0001-02         FP7310  54-30-41-0003-01
 FM7121  54-30-21-0001-02-01      FP7320  54-30-41-0003-02
 FM7130  54-30-21-0001-03         FP7330  54-30-41-0003-03
 FM7140  54-30-21-0001-04         FP7340  54-30-41-0003-04
 FM7200  54-30-21-0002            FP7350  54-30-41-0003-05
 FM7210  54-30-21-0002-01         FP7400  54-30-41-0004
 FM7220  54-30-21-0002-02         FP7410  54-30-41-0004-01
 FM7221  54-30-21-0002-02-01      FP7420  54-30-41-0004-02
 FM7230  54-30-21-0002-03         FP7500  54-30-41-0005
 FM7231  54-30-21-0002-03-01      FP7510  54-30-41-0005-01
 FM7300  54-30-21-0003            FP7520  54-30-41-0005-02
 FM7310  54-30-21-0003-01         FP7530  54-30-41-0005-03
 FM7320  54-30-21-0003-02         FR7000  54-30-51 
 FM7330  54-30-21-0003-03         FR7010  54-30-51-0000-01
 FM7400  54-30-21-0004            FR7020  54-30-51-0000-02
 FM7410  54-30-21-0004-01         FR7100  54-30-51-0001
 FM7420  54-30-21-0004-02         FR7200  54-30-51-0002
 FM7421  54-30-21-0004-02-01      FR7300  54-30-51-0003
 FM7500  54-30-21-0005            FR7400  54-30-51-0004
 FN7000  54-30-31                 FR7500  54-30-51-0005
 FN7010  54-30-31-0000-01         FR7600  54-30-51-0006
 FN7020  54-30-31-0000-02         FS7000  54-30-61 
 FN7100  54-30-31-0001            FS7010  54-30-61-0000-01
 FN7110  54-30-310001-01         FS7100  54-30-61-0001
 FN7200  54-30-31-0002            FS7200  54-30-61-0002
 FN7300  54-30-31-0003            FS7300  54-30-61-0003
 FN7310  54-30-31-0003-01         FS7400  54-30-61-0004

 FM6000  54-30-20-0006            FP6110  54-30-40-0006-01-01
 FM6010  54-30-20-0006-00-01      FP6120  54-30-40-0006-01-02
 FM6020  54-30-20-0006-00-02      FP6130  54-30-40-0006-01-03
 FM6030  54-30-20-0006-00-03      FP6200  54-30-40-0006-02
 FM6200  54-30-20-0006-02         FP6210  54-30-40-0006-02-01
 FM6210  54-30-20-0006-02-01      FP6220  54-30-40-0006-02-02
 FM6220  54-30-20-0006-02-02      FP6230  54-30-40-0006-02-03
 FM6230  54-30-20-0006-02-03      FP6300  54-30-40-0006-03
 FM6240  54-30-20-0006-02-04      FP6310  54-30-40-0006-03-01
 FM6300  54-30-20-0006-03         FP6320  54-30-40-0006-03-02
 FM6310  54-30-20-0006-03-01      FP6330  54-30-40-0006-03-03
 FM6320  54-30-20-0006-03-02      FP6340  54-30-40-0006-03-04
 FM6340  54-30-20-0006-03-04      FP6350  54-30-40-0006-03-05
 FM6400  54-30-20-0006-04         FP6400  54-30-40-0006-04
 FM6410  54-30-20-0006-04-01      FP6410  54-30-40-0006-04-01
 FM6420  54-30-20-0006-04-02      FP6420  54-30-40-0006-04-02
 FM6430  54-30-20-0006-04-03      FP6500  54-30-40-0006-05
 FM6500  54-30-20-0006-05         FP6510  54-30-40-0006-05-01
 FM6510  54-30-20-0006-05-01      FP6520  54-30-40-0006-05-02
 FM6520  54-30-20-0006-05-02      FP6560  54-30-40-0006-05-06
 FM6600  54-30-20-0006-06         FR6000  54-30-50-0006 
 FN6000  54-30-30-0006            FR6010  54-30-50-0006-00-01
 FN6010  54-30-30-0006-00-01      FR6020  54-30-50-0006-00-02
 FN6020  54-30-30-0006-00-02      FR6200  54-30-50-0006-02
 FN6200  54-30-30-0006-02         FR6300  54-30-50-0006-03
 FN6210  54-30-30-000602-01      FR6400  54-30-50-0006-04
 FN6300  54-30-30-0006-03         FR6500  54-30-50-0006-05
 FN6400  54-30-30-0006-04         FR6600  54-30-50-0006-06
 FN6410  54-30-30-0006-04-01      FR6700  54-30-50-0006-07
 FN6420  54-30-30-0006-04-02      FS6000  54-30-60-0006 
 FN6500  54-30-30-0006-05         FS6010  54-30-60-0006-00-01
 FN6700  54-30-30-0006-07         FS6200  54-30-60-0006-02
 FP6000  54-30-40-0006            FS6300  54-30-60-0006-03
 FP6010  54-30-40-0006-00-01      FS6400  54-30-60-0006-04
 FP6100  54-30-40-0006-01         FS6500  54-30-60-0006-05

Stewart S. Remer
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer