NOAA Certifying Officers

The Administrative Issuance staff coordinates administrative activities associated with the Department's redelegation of Certifying Officer authority for authorized NOAA officials to "affix the seal of the Department of Commerce to certifications as to the official nature of copies of correspondence and records from the files, publications, and other documents of the Department." Staff members listed below will provide guidance on requesting delegated authority and on steps for obtaining and protecting the seal as well as for reporting theft, loss, or misuse of the seal.

The Department's Assistant Secretary for Administration has delegated authority to various NOAA officials to act as Certifying Officers. The officials are "authorized, without power of further re-delegation, to sign as Certifying Officers ... and to affix the seal of the Department to such certifications for all purposes...."

A current list of NOAA officials authorized to provide Certifying Officer services will be maintained at this website.

NOAA's Certifying Officers will perform their duties in accordance with Section 4 of Department Administrative Order (DAO) 201-17, The Seal of the Department of Commerce. NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 201-17A, Redelegation of Authority to Act as Certifying Officer, covers administrative aspects of the program within NOAA.

  • DOC form CD64 "Certificate of a True Copy."
    The form has been designed for use when the custodian of the records certifies material as a true copy of the record and the Certifying Officer certifies that the official named in the certification is in fact the custodian of the records.