NAO 217-41: NOAA GSA Rent Budget

Issued 02/13/91; Effective 02/04/91; Review Date: 09/01/2014

NAO 217-41: NOAA GSA Rent Budget PDF


This Order clarifies responsibilities for managing the RENT budget for all General Services Administration (GSA) assigned space occupied by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The purposes of this Order are to:

01. ensure that accurate square footage assignments and appropriate charges are reflected in the GSA billing;

02. ensure the accurate assessment of charges to internal components of NOAA, and

03. improve the NOAA RENT Budget formulation process.



.01 The Facility Management Division (FMD), OA34, Procurement, Grants, and Administrative Services Office (PGAS), Office of Administration (OA), is responsible for:

.02 The Facilities and Logistics Divisions (FLD), WC4, MC4, CC4, and EC4 of the ASCs are responsible for:

.03 The Line Offices (LO) are responsible for:

.04 The Resources Management Staff (RMS), OAx3 is responsible for:

.05 The Office of the Comptroller (BF) is responsible for:


.01 Funds are automatically transferred from DOC to GSA through the SIBAC System in advance of the quarter. Credits and adjustments are made to the bill after each quarter. The Financial Management Division, BF, maintains accounting for the charges made by GSA and payments made by the Finance Division (OA11), Information Systems and Finance Office, OA1.

.02 FMD maintains the automated Internal Rent Assessment System which distributes the charges to the LOs for their portion of GSA-assigned space. FMD generates a tape at the end of each month for the Financial Management Division, BF, which is used to update accounting records in the Financial Management System (FIMA) and to monitor/report on the over/under distribution of RENT cost to NOAA organizations.

.03 GSA distributes RENT bills to NOAA and the DOC five (5) times a year; once each quarter as well as a year-end reconciliation bill. Copies of these bills are sent to the Accounting Branch (BF21), Financial Management Division, BF, and the Department of Commerce (DOC), Office of Federal Property Programs, National Program Division. The National Program Division provides FMD and each ASC with an information copy of their portion of the bill for the purpose of verifying the accuracy of assignments and charges for GSA-assigned space.


This Order supersedes NOAA Circular 75-33, Procedures for Reviewing and Appealing Standard Level User Charges (SLUC), dated April 2, 1975, filed as NOAA Directives Manual (NDM) 40-41.


Director, Office of Administration

Office of Primary Interest:
Office of Administration
Facilities Management Division
Real Property Management Branch (OA341)