NAO 202-300A: NOAA CORPS Staffing Policy

Issued TBD; Effective 01/15/2014; Reviewed: 1/15/14

NAO 202-300A


  1. This Order prescribes the policies by which positions in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Line and Staff Offices (LO/SO) may be established and filled by NOAA Corps commissioned officers.
  2. This revision provides a general update of the Order.


  1. Policies and procedures governing staffing ofthe NOAA Corps are contained in the NOAA Corps Directives, Department of Commerce Administrative Orders, and NOAA Administrative Orders.


  1. Staffing Policy. Management has the option of requesting the assignment of an officer or filling a position with a civilian at any time. It is the manager's continuing responsibility when exercising the staffing option to consider the mix of civilian and officer staffing which will best promote the accomplishment of program objectives, as well as the attainment of civilian and officer career goals.
  2. Positions. Positions may not be designated for competition between officers and civilians. In order to staff an existing officer position within a Line or Staff Office, a manager sends a written request through their NOAA Corps Liaison officer to the NOAA Corps Assignment Coordinator. A manager wishing to develop and staff a new position with a commissioned officer must first complete NOAA Form 56-28A, NOAA Commissioned Officer Billet Description. The billet description describes the duties and responsibilities of the position, career development opportunities and educational requirements. The completed billet description is forwarded to the Director, NOAA Corps, through the NOAA Corps Liaison Officer and the NOAA Corps Assignment Coordinator for consideration. If approved by the Director, the appropriate changes will be made to the NOAA Corps Authorized Billet List to reflect the position.
  3. Assignments. Officers are assigned to approved billets by the Director, NOAA Corps, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 5 of the NOAA Corps Directives.
  4. Performance Management. Upon assignment of an officer to a shore duty position, the supervisor is to establish the officer's performance appraisal using the Officer Evaluation Report (OER), NOAA Form 56-6A. In using the OER, strict and conscientious adherence to the specific wording of the standards is essential. Guidance and timelines for submission ofOER's can be found in Chapter 4 ofthe NOAA Corps Directives. Completed OER's are to be forwarded to the Director, Commissioned Personnel Center.
  5. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Ceiling Requirements. Officers' work efforts (their FTE hours) are not charged against the organization to which they are assigned, but rather to the NOAA Corps. The NOAA Corps is, however, reimbursed a portion of officers' salaries.


  1. All LO/SO's shall comply with this Order.
  2. The Director, NOAA Corps, has final authority to approve billets and assign NOAA Corps officers.


  1. Department Organization Order 25-5, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  2. Department Administrative Order 202-250, Delegation of Authority for Human Resources Management.


  1. Policies and procedures governing staffing of the NOAA Corps are contained in the NOAA Corps Directives, Department of Commerce Administrative Orders, and NOAA Administrative Orders.
  2. NOAA Corps Directives, Chapter 5 -Assignments


  1. This Order supersedes NOAA Administrative Order 202-300 dated September 18, 1989.
  2. NOAA UNSEC signs because there is no delegation of authority for this to OMAO. An electronic copy of this Order will be posted in place of the superseded Order on the NOAA Office of the Chief Administrative Officer website under the NOAA Administrative Issuances Section.



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