Logistics Management Branch

NOAA Electronic Forms Instructions

Opening & Viewing a Form: Place the mouse cursor over the form name you would like to open.  This is a hyperlink that will open the form in PDF.  If you do not already have the PDF viewer; a free download is available on this page left navigational menu.

Filling in the form:  Once the file is open, left click in the first cell you will need to type information into, type in the information, hit the "tab" key to move to the next field that will need to be filled in, continue to hit the "tab" key after each entry to navigate through the fields until the form is completed.  Where possible, the tabs have been organized to lead you from one field to another in the order in which the each field or box needs to be completed. If at any time you want to go to a certain field, you can click in that field. 

Saving Forms:  You cannot save a form using Acrobat Reader.   To save a form which is in Adobe PDF format you need the full commercial version of the Reader, Adobe Acrobat .

Saving the information for later use: With the above said about not being able to save the form (reuse it and save with different file names for different cases), you can create a shortcut to the file.  This will allow you to fill in information and have that information kept with the shortcut until you override that information by re-typing over it with different information.  To do this: Click on "file" (from the browser toolbar), "send" , "shortcut to desktop". 

Printing Forms:  To Print, you will need to click on the printer icon from the toolbar that is directly above the form or from the print button on the document itself.

Clearing previously entered information from a Form:  In some forms there is a  "clear form" button.  If not, Open the form, click file, open, new window.