NOAA Budget Office

Corporate Financial Management Division (CFMD)

NOAA's Corporate Financial Management Division (CFMD) has the task of providing NOAA with improved financial management for agency-wide administrative and financial support services. CFMD has the responsibility for formulating and executing NOAA’s Corporate Finance and Administrative Services Offices excluding OMAO. They manage the allocation of the Policy Formulation and Direction funding and ensure NOAA’s centralized services (i.e. Acquisitions and Grants, Workforce Management, Information Technology, Financial Services, Facilities and Chief Adminstrative Officer responsibilities) properly execute their budget to support all NOAA Line and Staff Offices.

NOAA is continuing to build on the Activity Based Cost/Management (ABC/M) initiative begun in FY 2002 to improve the efficiency, management and performance of its corporates services. Activity and unit cost data have been captured since FY 2003, providing the basis for developing cost trends for each business line. This data will be utilized to develop the FY 2008 budget request. Implementing ABC/M will provide business managers as well as line offices with cost data that can be measured, tracked and controlled.

Daniel Bess
Chief, Corporate Financial Management Division
Phone: 202-482-3938