NOAA Budget Office

Budget Formulation and Communications Division (BFCD)

NOAA's Budget Formulation and Communications Division (BFCD) is the lead for managing NOAA’s process for identifying and acquiring its annual budgetary resources. BFCD leads the formulation of NOAA’s budget; develops overall budget guidance, reviews budget proposals, and supporting justification and documentation; conducts program analysis to support the planning, budget, and resource management functions; identifies major issues affecting NOAA’s programs; and provides for the proper allocation and control of all budgetary resources as required by relevant statutes, and as specified by the Office of Management and Budget. In addition, BFCD is source of all budget formulation numbers of record for all budgetary tables including OMB’s Budget Control System (MAX), exhibits and displays, maintaining and utilizing data, both current and historical, on budget authority. The Division also serves as the focal point for coordinating, facilitating, reviewing and tracking responses to requests for information, and is responsible for arranging and coordinating site visits. It also reviews, coordinates and tracks Congressional Reports and other legislation and appropriations issues.

Janelle Smith
Chief, Budget Formulation and Communications, Ocean and Coastal Programs
Phone: 202-482-3036

Marcus Points
Chief, Budget Formulation and Communications, Satellites and Weather Programs
Phone: 202-482-4763