NOAA Budget Office

NOAA Budget Execution Division (BEX)

NOAA's Budget Execution Division (BEX) has overall responsibility for fiscal accountability and reporting of appropriated resources, allocating funding, tracking and reporting spending, providing information to formulation, maintaining of official fiscal records for NOAA including monthly, quarterly and annual internal and external reports. BEX exists to ensure NOAA’s execution stage (current fiscal year planning and obligating of the budget) is in compliance with all applicable OMB-Circulars. The program ensures proper quarterly apportionment's are submitted and approved by OMB and allotment of funds are in accordance with approved apportionment's for NOAA’s budgetary resources. BEX tracks and reports current year data for all internal NOAA customers, and external customers, such as DoC and Congress. NOAA’s Table of Organization is the responsibility of BEX and is used by NOAA management for the tracking of approved on-board positions. BEX also supports CBS implementation of upgrades and new modules. All NOAA policies and procedures for Budget Execution are created and approved by BEX before implementation NOAA-wide.