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Commerce Purchase Card System (CPCS) Information

Guidance on Retention of BankCard Statements of Account at Remote Locations (9/18/01)

For CPCS assistance please contact the CBS Help Desk on (301) 444-3400 or via e-mail at

CPCS Newsflash
When access to the Commerce Purchase Card System is no longer needed (e.g., the cardholder account is closed or canceled, the user is no longer a Group Administrator or Approving Official, etc.), the CPCS user must complete on-line and forward the CBS User Access Request Form to the CBS Client Services Help Desk via fax to 240-632-2886. A copy of the forms can be obtained at CBS Forms.

Please note that it is also the responsibility of the supervisor/application system manager to ensure that access privileges are removed as soon as the need expires or within 24 hours of separation (see NOAA Office of the CIO/HPCC - IT Security Office - Policies, Regulations and Laws).If you require assistance to complete the form or have questions, please contact the CBS Client Services Help Desk on 301-444-3400 during the hours of operation, 7:30am - 5:00pm ET, Monday through Friday.

CPCS CBS Staff: Robyn Bramhall - (301) 444-2812