Policy Bulletins
Number Title
Table of Contents
Number 1 Processing of GSA Occupancy Agreements
Number 2 Use of Supplemental Lease Agreements
Number 3 Hold Harmless Clause
Number 4 "Can't Beat GSA" Delegations
Number 5 Template for ASOS License Agreements
Number 6 PPMD Review of Estimates for Alterations Funded Through SLAs
Number 7 Procurement Integrity Certification
Number 8 System for Award Management (SAM)
Number 9 Revised Lease Determination Worksheet and Handbook
Number 10 Lease Security Standards
Number 11 No-Cost Leases and Licenses
Number 12 MOUs and Permits
Number 13 Congressional Notification of Acquisition and Disposal of Real Property
Number 14 Recommended Standards for Real Property Instruments Involving Land and Equipment Sites
Number 15 Standard Templates for Real Property Instruments
Number 16 RPMD and PPMD Coordination on Space Construction and Alteration Projects Associated with DOC Leasing Actions
Number 17 Standstill Agreements or Short-term Extensions
Number 18 Deemed Export Clearance
Number 19 Fire Protection on Leased Piers
Number 20 Lease Review Board Standard Operating Process
Number 21 Real Property Disposal Procedures
Number 22 Under Construction
Number 23 Document Numbering Scheme
Number 24 Preliminary and Final Title Opinions
Number 25 Transactional Support Costs
Number 26 Under Construction
Number 27 Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) Posting
Number 28 Owned and Leased Facility File Retention and Disposition Plan
Number 29 Actions Required After Executing an Agreement or a Modification
Number 30
Attachments to Bulletin 30
Consideration of Existing Federal Facilities
Sample Letter on Checking the Federal Inventory
Number 31
Attachments to Bulletin 31
Source Selection Standards - Best Value Tradeoff Lease Acquisitions
Final attachments to Best Value Tradeoff Source Selection Process