Program Management and Planning

The Project Planning & Management Division (PPMD) has been involved with various major programs from its inception in 1986 through the present. Included have been the Wind Profiler program, which consisted of 27 automated sites across the central United States that measured clear air turbulence and converted that into wind speed and direction. We have also been involved in the Automated Surface Observation System program which consisted 2,000+ sites, mostly at airports, that measured wind speed, direction, rainfall, and other items. Our largest program was the modernization of the National Weather Service Forecast Offices across the United States and its territories. It consisted of about 115 offices housing meteorologists and other specialties whose responsibility was to forecast the weather conditions across the entire area.

Major Activities

Monitor Program Activities

The Project Planning & Management Division (PPMD) has the experience and technical expertise to monitor all aspects of a client's Major Program requirements. From the beginning concept planning stages through final turnover or beneficial occupancy date, PPMD's qualified Project Managers are able to keep you advised of progress, funding requirements, necessary decision points, etc., whatever your Program dictates.

Coordinate Program Requirements

Equipped with a multi-disciplined workforce, the Project Planning & Management Division (PPMD) offers experienced, responsive, and season-tested staff members who have been responsible for Major Facility Development Programs that have encompassed every State in the Union and some U.S. Territories. They are very familiar in working with a Client, in a cooperative effort, to insure a Program effectively meets its goals and objectives.

Develop Schedules

The Project Planning & Management Division PPMD) uses Microsoft Project, a computer based scheduling software system, to establish schedules for all Client's Programs, if requested or required. Schedules are developed early-on for a Program by an ATeam@ composed of the Client, PPMD, and others as deemed necessary. PPMD then actively manages the established Schedule to provide an up-to-date document at any point in a Program that can serve as an effective management tool for decision making.

Establish Milestones

To be fully successful, a Program requires an experienced, knowledgeable Project/Program Manager to work with the Client to establish Milestone activities/dates from the initial start of the project. The Project Planning & Management Division has Program Managers who have many years of that experience and have the experience to work with Clients to achieve those Goals.

Prepare/Distribute Progress Reports

It is the policy of the Project Planning & Management Division to prepare and present Quarterly Progress Briefings (with handouts) for all Clients. The briefings are held in the Central Administrative Support Center offices in Kansas City, MO, and Clients are invited to attend in person or by Conference Call. The response from our Clients has been very positive and to our knowledge, is considered unique among the NOAA Administrative Support Centers.

Track/Report Costs

The Project Planning & Management Division (PPMD) tracks all costs associated with a Client's Program. In addition to the established NOAA construction cost accounting systems, a software package called TimeSheet Professional has been utilized in PPMD since the Fall of 1998 which enables the sophisticated tracking and reporting of personnel hours for every employee, every day. The PPMD has the ability to actively monitor the software input to ensure accurate accounting of all hours worked. This way Clients are able to fully evaluate and understand the costs associated with a Program and, if necessary, adjustments can be made at various stages to ensure Program budgets are not exceeded.