NOAA Project Planning and Management Division

NOAA Facilities

The Project Planning and Management Division (PPMD) manages NOAA's national project construction and construction program. The Division is responsible for policy development and guidance, program execution and performance management, and customer relations for the facilities construction program (for new facilities, repair and alteration).

In addition, PPMD is responsible for the development of standard policies and processes for project planning, project management, and progress/ performance metrics. The Division manages the total project life-cycle for major construction projects, and repair and alterations projects, including planning, scoping, design, construction, and commissioning of new facilities. In addition to program management and planning capabilities, PPMD also has expertise in architecture and engineering, conducting facility condition surveys, and related publications and records management.

PPMD Facilities Project

The Project Planning and Management Division (PPMD) employees are located in three locations:

PPMD Headquarters is located at the Silver Spring, MD campus.