NCR Facility Service Desk

All maintenance requests must first be submitted to the Service Desk via the hot line number (301-713-HELP (4357) or by email. This will allow facility management to track your request and ensure prompt service. This direct number will receive all maintenance requests and issue service tickets accordingly. The service desk hours of operation are 8 AM to 4 PM.

Service Desk Hotline Number: 301-713-HELP (4357)

Please call (301) 713-2414 for emergency calls after 4 PM.

Request for Services Process

The following defines the process for submitting a request; the category of a call and the expected response time associated with that category.

Reporting / requesting buildings management services

Type of Call/Response Time


An Emergency is an event or situation that imperils the safety or health of employees, and requires immediate action to prevent injury or death. It could also be a situation that is critical to continued buildings operation or function. Examples:

Urgent (With in 2 hours)

An Urgent call is critical in nature, but which allows more time before it becomes a crisis. Action is needed promptly to prevent an incident from becoming more serious. Examples:


A routine call is all other service calls at the building. Examples:

Routine calls will be met within a 4 hour period; however, due to unforeseen reasons where a request can not be met within a 4 hour period, Foulger Pratt will notify Building Management and/or the client.