Common Access Card (CAC) Information

CAC Enrollment Process for New Employees

CAC enrollment for new employees is automatic after entrance on duty (EOD) has occurred and the Workforce Management Office (WFMO) has submitted the required paperwork to the Office of Security (OSY) Servicing Security Office (SSO). If you are a new employee, call the NOAA Silver Spring RAPIDS Station at 301-713-0954 ext. 131 to ensure you have an established record in the CAC database prior to visiting a RAPIDS station for CAC issuance. If you are informed that you do not have a record in the CAC database, contact your servicing Workforce Management Office Representative for further assistance. Once you are informed you are CAC eligible, follow Steps 1 -3 below under "CAC Renewal Process for Employees" to find out where to go to obtain your CAC, how to make an appointment (if an appointment is needed) and what to bring with you to the RAPIDS station.

CAC Enrollment Process for Contractors

Contractors are sponsored for a CAC by their designated Line/Staff Office Trusted Agent (TA). If you do not know who your TA is, contact your Line/Staff Office point of contact (POC) listed at the bottom of this page. Click here for NOAA's CAC issuance policy and procedures for contractors/associates.

CAC Renewal Process for Employees

When must I renew my Common Access Card (CAC)?

The expiration date for your Common Access Card (CAC) is located in the top right corner of your CAC. You may begin the renewal process indicated below, within 30 days from expiration of the CAC.

What is the process for renewing my CAC?

Step 1: Coordinate with RAPIDS station to determine if an appointment is required

For CAC renewals, the original CAC must be replaced by having a new CAC issued and the original CAC deactivated. To renew your CAC, coordinate (within 30 days of CAC expiration) with the local RAPIDS station to find out the RAPIDS Station's operating hours (if it's a walk-in facility) and to make an appointment (if required).

Step 2: Make an appointment (if an appointment is required)

CAC renewal applicants who will visit NOAA operated RAPIDS locations in Silver Spring, MD, Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington must schedule an appointment online to renew their CAC at

CAC renewal applicants that are not located near NOAA operated RAPIDS stations should first contact the RAPIDS station they want to visit for CAC renewal to determine if they can renew on a walk-in basis or if an appointment is required. For more information on RAPIDS site locations, please visit The Rapids Site Locator website.

Step 3: Make sure to bring the following with you to the RAPIDS stations

Additional requirements during CAC issuance at the RAPIDS Station include:

Where are the locations I can go to renew my CAC?

CACs are issued through Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) badging sites. Employees are expected to go to the nearest RAPIDS site—either nearest to their duty station, place of residence, or temporary duty station—to minimize cost and time away from their duty station. Employees will be provided reasonable time (administrative leave) for commute to the RAPIDS site and re- issuance of the CAC.

NOAA Operated RAPIDS Stations: Existing CAC holders that obtained their CACs from NOAA operated RAPIDS sites located in Silver Spring, Maryland; Seattle, Washington and Boulder, Colorado should return to those sites for CAC renewals.

DOD Operated RAPIDS Stations: Existing CAC holders that are not located near NOAA operated RAPIDS stations can also obtain their CACs from one of more than 1,500 DOD operated RAPIDS stations worldwide. For more information on RAPIDS site locations, please visit:

NOAA Operated Mobile Station: The mobile RAPIDS station will be dispatched to NOAA locations for renewal as follows:

When will I begin using my CAC to access NOAA computers and facilities?

Logical (computer) access using the HSPD-12 compliant Common Access Card (CAC) CAC will become mandatory for all employees and CAC eligible contractors December 31, 2012.  Facility access using the CAC; however, will occur in a phased approach at moderate level NOAA facilities (Facility Security Levels 3 and 4) as funding becomes available to upgrade and replace non-HSPD-12 compliant PACS. 

NOAA CAC holders at moderate level facilities will begin using their CACs for facility access in a phased approach based on funding availability to complete the required PACS upgrades.  Facility specific implementation plans will be coordinated through Line and Staff Offices as the date for implementation approaches.  CAC holders should therefore, anticipate receiving additional information via email and/or local broadcast messages from the Office of Security (coordinated through the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer) in the future, regarding specific implementation dates and the CAC enrollment process that will be required to begin using the CAC for facility access.  

I have forgotten my PIN or my PIN has been locked.  Where do I go to have my PIN reset?

NOAA CAC holders have 2 options to reset their CAC PIN: at DoD DEERS/RAPIDS stations (located at several NOAA sites and DoD sites/bases worldwide) or NOAA CPR Workstations (CPR-WS).  Go to the following link for the nearest RAPIDS station

NOAA is currently in the process of setting up and testing CPR-WS for the remainder of FY12 and will not operate in full production mode until FY13 for the sites that have been requested, but there will be a limited number of offices have a CPR-WS.  These stations will be posted on the website as they are made available. For more information regarding CPR contact Ms. LaToya Gross (NOAA CPR Project Manager) at or via phone at 301.713.9808 ext. 158.

My CAC does not work on my computer. Who do I contact?

CAC holders that are having issues related to their CAC not working (other than forgotten/locked PINs) should first perform the following diagnostic steps to determine whether the CAC is non-functioning or is a NOAA related issue.  If your CAC does not work on your computer, do the following first:   

  1. Click on the “ActivClient Agent” (icon is a card reader with a card inserted and is found on the right hand side of your taskbar)
  2. Select “Open”
  3. Double-Click on “My Certificates”
  4. ActivClient should show that you have 3 certificates (ID Certificate, Signature Certificate and Encryption Certificate).  If so, your CAC, card reader, ActivClient and Certificates are all functioning properly and you should contact your local NOAA IT Help Desk for further assistance. 

If you were unable to see all three certificates (following steps 1-4 above), you should return to a DOD or NOAA operated RAPIDS site to determine if the CAC is non-functioning.  If the RAPIDS station determines that the CAC is non-functioning, then a CAC will need to be reissued (please note that some sites issue CACs by appointment only).

CAC Renewal Process for Non-Employees

What is the process for renewing my CAC?

You must contact the Trusted Agent who sponsored you for the CAC within 60 days of the CAC expiration date for information regarding the process for renewing your CAC. The expiration date for your Common Access Card (CAC) is located in the top right corner of your CAC.

Your Trusted Agent will provide you with information regarding where to go to get your CAC renewed, how to make an appointment (if necessary), and what you need to bring with you.

What if I experience a problem with renewing my CAC at a RAPIDS station?

In the unlikely event you experience a problem at the RAPIDS station renewing your CAC, send an email to the NOAA HSPD-12 Project Team at CACandHSPD12.Help and include in the email your name, point of contact and phone number for the RAPIDS station you visited and the problem as communicated by the RAPIDS operator.

Report a Lost or Stolen CAC

NOAA Memorandum for Lost/Stolen CAC

MEMORANDUM FOR: Site Security Manager, Insert Name of Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) ID Card Issuance Facility.

FROM: Insert Name of Security Officer, Insert Name of Regional Security Office

FROM: Insert Name of Supervisor/Sponsor/COR, Title

SUBJECT: Report of Lost or Stolen (select one) Common Access Card (CAC)

1. Insert name, reported his/her Common Access Card (CAC) was lost or stolen (select one) in the vicinity of insert location, on or about insert date.

2. He/she (select one) has been directed to return the CAC, if found, to his/her (select one) Regional Security Office or the nearest RAPIDS facility.

3. He/she (select one) has been advised of their responsibility to maintain control of Government Property in their possession and the seriousness of possible compromise of physical and/or logical access security.

4. If any additional information is needed, please contact me by email at Insert email address or Insert contact number.

HSPD-12 CAC Program Line/Staff Office Points of Contact
Office Name Phone Number
NWS David Murray (301) 713-0436 x 150
NMFS Marlena Bowman (301) 427-8734
NESDIS Jauvonne Tucker (301) 713-9205
NOS Georgeann Stansbury (301) 713-3050 x 163
OAR Yolanda Cooper (301) 734-1125
CIO Samuel Baidoo (301) 628-5692
CFO Barbara Beasley (202) 482-2466
OCAO Neavaly Touray (301) 713-0850 x 158
PA&E Tejuana Hickerson (240) 533-9015
AGO Allen Hueffmeier (301) 628-1372
USEC Captain Brian Taggart (301) 713-0325 x 124
WFMO Renita Richardson (301) 713-6823