Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH) is responsible for maintaining security and access onto Ford Island. NOAA federal employees and contractors will be granted access to the base by presenting their valid Common Access Card (CAC) at the entrance to Ford Island. Access will also be granted for contractors possessing RAPIDGate card.

Guest Access to Ford Island

Guests must either be driven and sponsored onto the island by a Federal Civilian employee or obtain a guest pass from the JBPHH Pass and ID Office. Guest passes can be obtained through your respective Line and Staff Office Trusted Agents. The Trusted Agents are familiar with the procedures and can apply for guest passes including annual passes for frequent visitors and Foreign National contract employees. Trusted Agents will need the guest’s full name, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number. Trusted Agents will also need the country of residence and passport number for Foreign National pass requests. Short-term guest passes will be emailed to the guest for printing. Trusted Agents will submit annual pass requests to the IRC Site Manager. The annual pass holder, once approved, can pick up their pass in person at the JBPHH Pass and Identification Office at the Nimitz Entry Gate for Pearl Harbor Naval Base.

Special Event Guest Access

Guest access can also be arranged for special events and ceremonies involving high ranking officials. Line and Staff Offices can apply directly to the IRC Facilities Hotline by calling 808-725-6224 or emailing

Employee Access to the IRC

All NOAA employees with current Common Access Cards (CAC) will be allowed to enter the IRC. IRC employee CACs will be programmed to facilitate access into the facility during regular business hours. IRC employee CACs will be also programmed to access the facility during off hours and for restricted areas such as the laboratories or dive center with the approval of your Line and Staff Office. The security guards at the front entrance can program CACs for employees as needed.

Employees should enter and exit the IRC Main Facility through the front entrance unless otherwise authorized. The exit adjacent to the cafeteria can be used for entry and exit during lunch hours from 11am to 2pm daily. Fire exits are only to be used for emergency evacuations.

Guest Access to the IRC

IRC guests must be invited by an IRC employee and will be required to sign in at the guard station and obtain a visitor pass. IRC employees are responsible for their guest during their visit to the IRC.

Foreign National Access to IRC

We welcome foreign nationals at the IRC. Foreign Nationals, like other guests, must be invited and sponsored by an IRC employee to enter the facility. The IRC employee sponsor is required to apply for and obtain approval from the DOC Office of Security to access the facility. Limited unescorted access (LUA) can be obtained for IRC Foreign National employees with approval from the DOC Office of Security. DOC guidelines for Foreign National access to NOAA facilities can be found at Of note, Foreign National access requirements do not apply to US resident aliens.


All NOAA employees and guests are allowed to park in open marked spaces in the front and rear of the IRC facility at no charge. Spaces have been reserved for handicapped individuals, long term parking for ship operations, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center shift operations, motorcycles, and government vehicles. Motorcycles and mopeds should park only in designated motorcycle parking spaces. Unless authorized by the IRC Site Manager, employees and guests should not leave their vehicles in the parking lots overnight. Overnight parking will only be allowed in reserved spaces for long-term parking, shipboard employees, government vehicles, and PTWC shift operations.

Vehicle Transportation

With the correct form of identification or guest pass, NOAA staff and contractors can drive their personal vehicles or rental cars onto Ford Island and park at the IRC facility. All drivers should have a valid driver’s license as well as the required registration and insurance. Commercial vehicles must complete the JBPHH commercial vehicle inspection prior to entering the base.

Motorcycles and Bicycles

Employees and guests are allowed to access Ford Island using a motorcycle or bicycle. Per JBPHH regulations, riders are required to maintain all necessary licenses and registrations. In addition, all motorcycle and moped riders are required to wear proper personal protective equipment, which includes proper footwear, pants, jacket, reflective vest, and gloves and a DOT or Snell approved helmet. Bicycle riders are required to wear a reflective vest and a bicycle safety helmet. Motorcycle and moped riders are required to park in designated motorcycle parking spaces at the IRC. Bicycle lockers are available on the east side of Building 175 for storage during the day. Individual riders are responsible for securing their bike lockers. Of note, NOAA civilian employees and contractors are not required to enroll in the JBPHH motorcycle training program.

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  1. DBID Cards – 31 days to 1 year
  1. Short Term Pass Requests up to 30 days

In general, short term pass requests are for visitors to the IRC who require base access for 30 days or less.  There are two distinct types of short term pass requests:

 A. Distinguished NOAA Affiliates form

 B. NOAA visitors - 1 day  form (Foreign nationals, contractors, vendors, interns)

  1. Contractor, Vendors, Contractor’s BCL Pass
  1. Special Event Passes – 11 or more persons
    Reminder:  Special Event passes may be requested for events of 11 persons or more.  The process may take up to 5 business days for approval.  Once approved the passes will be emailed to the Sponsor (see attached request form template).  Special Event request forms may not be used for Foreign Nationals.
  1. In-Person Form 0-180 Pass Requests – Unexpected Guests



Form 0-180 (10 business days) Download form »

Checklist Forms

  1. Checklist Forms are required with Gold Card applications only.
  2. Types of Checklists:

Special Event Form (5 business days) Download form »

Form 0-180 Application Process

Form 0-180 Application Steps »

Submission of the Form 0-180

Approval Process

Picking up Passes

Special Event Pass Process

Submission Process


Approval Process

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Nimitz Pass & ID Office (Visitor Passes)
Building 3455
South Drive (Near Nimitz Gate)
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, HI 96860-6000
Phone 808-474-9140
Mon – Fri 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

From Kamehameha Hwy near the Ford Island Bridge, head south and turn right on to Center Drive. The pass office is on the left just before the gate and Nimitz Hwy.

From H1 take the exit for Hickam AFB/Naval Base and stay on the right. Where the highway splits, head towards the Naval Base (not Hickam). The pass office is on the right before the gate.
Download Map and Directions

Map to NOAA Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center

At the loop, take the second right and go straight; Turn right into IRC’s parking area.
Download Map

Information for Guests

Admission to Ford Island Pearl Harbor
Please have a photo identification and your pass readily available when entering the Ford Island main gate.

All guest parking will be located in the front parking area of the NOAA’s Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center (IRC) building 176

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Shuttle Service is available to IRC staff and guests. The shuttle runs between the Arizona Memorial and the IRC Facility front entrance on regular business days from 6 – 9 AM and 2:40 – 5:40 PM with on-demand services available from 9 – 2 PM. The number to call is 808-725-6227 for on-demand shuttle service. The pick-up point is located at the bus shelter on the south side of the Arizona Memorial entrance driveway. The shuttle will also pick up staff and guests from the four "The Bus" stops (2 east-bound and 2 west-bound) closest to the Ford Island access road. The NOAA shuttle is a 14 passenger van equipped with two-bicycle racks.

Regular Hours of Operation

Mornings: 6 – 9 AM
Afternoons: 2:40 – 5:40 PM

Please call 725-6227 to utilize the Shuttle from 9 – 2 PM.

 Download Shuttle Map


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