Email Vacation Message Instructions

Login to the NOAA Enterprise Directory User Interface to change or remove your vacation message information.

To set your vacation message

Log into the interface shown above and click your name at the top left of the screen, click "Edit Person" and do the following under "Mail Information".

  1. Click Edit next to "Mail Delivery Option" and check the "autoreply" box (Always leave "mailbox" checked).  Click "OK" to apply setting. If you are using a Blackberry, you will see "forward" also selected. This should remain selected for Blackberry users.
  2. Click Edit next to "Mail AutoReply Mode" and select "Reply" from the drop down box.  Click "OK" to apply setting.
  3. Modify your autoreply text and click "OK".
  4. The Vacation Start and End dates are optional. If nothing is entered in these fields, the vacation message will start immediately and not stop.
  5. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom left of screen to activate your settings. 
  6. Wait about 10 minutes to make sure the settings have been applied and send yourself an email message to check if the vacation message is working. The vacation message is only sent to each sending address once a week. (Meaning you can only test your vacation message once per week.)

Email Vacation Message Interface

To remove your vacation message

Upon return to work from your vacation, please go back into the user interface and adjust the following settings:

  1. Click Edit next to "Mail Delivery Option" and uncheck the "autoreply" box to turn it off (Always leave "mailbox" checked, and "forward" checked if you use a Blackberry.).  Click "OK" to apply setting.
  2. Set Mail AutoReply Mode back to "None".  Click "OK" to apply setting.
  3. Remove the Start and End dates if you had them set. Clearing these fields will prevent the system from not displaying your next vacation message because the stop date is past.
  4. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom left of screen to change your settings.

If you continue to have problems setting up your vacation message, please call the Helpdesk at 301-713-0541 x 1.