NOAA Budget Office


NOAA's Budget Office (NBO) has the task of formulating, producing, and tracking the NOAA Budget each fiscal year. This webpage is designed to help educate and inform those individuals who wish to know more about the NOAA Budget Process.

Gary Reisner
NOAA Budget Director
Phone: 202-482-6128

Tanya Dobrzynski
Deputy Director
(202) 482-4986

Budget Resources:
FY 2017 NOAA Congressional Justification
FY 2017 Bluebook

FY 2016 NOAA Congressional Justification
FY 2016 Bluebook
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service FY 2016 Restructure Crosswalk

FY 2015 NOAA Congressional Justification
Statement from Dr. Sullivan on NOAA's FY15 Budget
FY 2015 Bluebook

FY 2013 Spend Plan including Supplemental

FY 2014 Blue Book/ President's Budget

FY 2013 Blue Book

FY 2012 Blue Book/ President's Budget

FY 2011 Blue Book
FY 2011 President's Budget

FY 2010 Blue Book
FY 2010 President's Budget

FY 2009 Blue Book
FY 2009 President's Budget

OMB Circulars (including A-11)

Historical Budget Information