NOAA FOIA Corporate Services, Staff and Line Office Contacts

Corporate Services and Front Office Staff
Name & tITLE Line/Staff Office Phone Number
Wendy Schumacher
FOIA and Privacy Act Officer
NOAA Corporate Services 301-628-5658
Robert Swisher
FOIA Public Liaison
Chief, Audit and Information Management Office 301-628-5755
Andre Sivels
Records Officer
NOAA Corporate Services 301-628-5658

Staff Office, Service Centers and FOIA Liaisons
Name & Title Line/Staff Office Phone Number
Gary Jackson
FOIA Liaison
National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)  301-427-8739
David Murray
FOIA Liaison
National Weather Service (NWS) 301-713-1698 x 119
Nkolika (Nikki) Ndubisi
FOIA Liaison
National Ocean Service (NOS) 301-713-3070 x 169
Barbara Brooks
FOIA Liaison
National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS) 301 713-9286
Annie Thomson
FOIA Liaison
Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) 301-734-1106
Michael Silah
FOIA Liaison
Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) 301-713-7658
Todd Bridgeman
FOIA Liaison
The Under Secretary and Associate Offices (USAO) 202-482-3565
Velna Bullock
FOIA Liaison
Legislative Affairs (LA) 202-482-5833
Elizabeth Mclanahan
FOIA Liaison
International Affairs (IA) 202-482-6196
Scott Smullen
FOIA Liaison
Office of Communications (OOC) 202-482-6090
Jean Carter-Johnson
FOIA Liaison
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) 301-713-0850 x195
Sharon Daniels
FOIA Liaison
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 301-444-2132

Jerry McNamara
FOIA Liaison
Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) 301-628-5752
Evangeline Davis
FOIA Liaison
NOAA Office of the General Counsel (GC) 301-713-9661
Rosa Sorrell
FOIA Liaison
Workforce Management Office (WFMO) 301-713-6312
Shem Yusuf
FOIA Liaison
Acquisition and Grants (AGO) 816-823-3859
Tejuana Hickerson
FOIA Liaison
Program Planning & Integration (PPI) 240-533-9015

Last updated: Nov 18, 2013