NOAA Data Warehouse

The NOAA Data Warehouse is refreshed nightly with data from the Core Financial System and contains a wide range of reporting mechanisms for our customers.

System Access

Access NOAA Data Warehouse through the CBS Web Portal

Access Discoverer

Request NOAA DW System Access

User Manuals

Budget And Expenditures Query Application Users Manual (DW v3.6)

Federal Express Report User Procedures

Data Warehouse Training

FSD Training Schedule

DW Training Presentation (Updated Oct 2010)

Training Exercises (Updated Jan 2011)


The following Data Warehouse Reports are available:

Certification of Obligations Workbook (Updated 3/7/11)

Discoverer FMC-LO Standard Workbook Descriptions (Updated 6/23/04)

Discoverer PPBES-Reporting Workbook Descriptions

Discoverer GSA Motor Pool Stored Accounting Workbook