Printing and Duplicating Procurement

The Logistics Management Branch (LMB) is responsible for the development and implementation of the NOAA Printing Program nationwide, as well as the operation of the NOAA Duplicating Plant. You are encouraged to contact the LMB Printing and Duplicating Services at the inception of a printing and publication project for additional guidance or assistance. All inquiries can be directed to

Title 44 of the United States Code constitutes a broad framework for Government publishing and states that all federally procured printing must be coordinated through the Government Publishing Office (GPO). Over the past several years, Federal Strategic Sourcing and Category Management initiatives throughout the Federal Government have focused attention on achieving cost savings and management efficiencies through volume pricing, as well as standardized processes and procedures. Based on these initiatives, the LMB Printing and Duplicating Services coordinate all printing services bureau-wide, ensuring the NOAA Duplicating Plant has first right of refusal for all printing needs.

In addition to Title 44, the following regulations and policies also provide more specific guidance and details:


Departmental Administrative Orders [DAO]

NOAA Administrative Orders

Procurement Policy

Consistent with the above policies, all printing and duplicating that cannot be completed on an office copier (see the Copier Management page for details for guidelines) must be submitted to LMB for procurement through the GPO-approved NOAA Duplicating Plant or using a GPO authorized commercial program. Under current regulations and policies, you are not permitted to purchase printing, duplicating, or color copying directly through GPO or a commercial vendor. The Government Purchase Card (GPC) shall not be used to procure printing or duplicating requirements. Use of a GPC for printing or duplicating services, without a signed waiver, will result in an unauthorized commitment and ratification proceedings.

LMB Printing and Duplicating Services will assist you with the required clearances; preparation of the necessary forms; writing of specifications; cost estimates; scheduling; and order placement.

Ordering Procedures

All printing/duplicating requests must be submitted through the LMB Printing and Duplicating Services Request Form, regardless of type and procurement method. It is a Google form and can be found at:

Once your request has been submitted, your assigned specialist will contact you within one business day to finalize your order. Upon finalization of the specifications, your assigned specialist will send you the form for the selected procurement vehicle with a quote/estimate for your review and budget approver’s signature. Details on the process and a help guide for the form can be found in the Customer Help Guide

Business cards are procured through a different process, which can be found on the Business Card webpage. You can get also get assistance with business cards by emailing

Annual End of Year Cutoff

Because all procurements take time to percolate through the finance systems, all Printing and Duplicating Services requests must be received by LMB no later than September 1st in order to use current year funding. Any job received after September 1st will be held until the new fiscal year begins on October 1st and will require updated accounting information. This allows the finance department sufficient time to obligate funds and for charges to clear before the end of the fiscal year.

Occasionally, charges for services procured using GPO take an extended period of time to clear. LMB will notify offices of any outstanding charges still pending against the previous year’s funding and when the outstanding charges are submitted to NOAA for payment.


LMB Printing and Duplicating Services can help coordinate a variety of printing and duplicating services, as well as other publishing and design services, including, but not limited to:

This list is not exhaustive, if you have any other needs, please submit a request or contact and LMB Printing and Duplicating Services will be happy to work with you to meet your need.

Procurement Vehicles

LMB Printing and Duplicating Services makes use of several GPO authorized procurement vehicles, including:

Based on a review of your specifications and submitted documents, the LMB Printing and Duplicating Services will determine the most appropriate procurement method for your request.

Payment Methods

There are three primary methods that offices can use appropriated funds to procure printing and duplicating services.

  1. Control Code: This is a three digit code that is assigned by LMB Printing and Duplicating Services for customers that frequently use LMB services (4+ orders per year). The code is tied to the verified ACCS string and can be used for any order, regardless of procurement method. Please contact if you would like to establish a control code for a specific ACCS string or you have questions concerning control codes.
  2. ACCS String: For ad-hoc, infrequent orders, customers may provide the ACCS code. Please ensure that it includes all required elements (Project number, task code, and all parts of the organization code) and is available for current year appropriations. You can view the ACCS format here.
  3. GPO Deposit Account: For customers that regularly have jobs that are sent out to GPO, a GPO deposit account can be established. Please note that funds do not lose their fiscal year identity while in a deposit account (i.e. they still must be used in the year for which they were appropriated) and the customer is responsible for monitoring the balance and expenditures. Establishment or replenishment of a deposit account requires the submission of a printing plan and is subject to the approval of the Printing Officer. Please contact for additional information on deposit accounts.


GPO Surcharges

GPO expends considerable resources managing programs and ensuring the negotiated rates on the SPA programs, term contracts, and SF-1 bids remain competitive and advantageous to the Government. As a result, GPO attaches a surcharge to each order that is procured through their services in an effort to recoup administrative costs. Currently, the surcharge is 8% + $7.50 for all standard orders and 16% + $15.00 for all rush orders. The surcharges are added on to the vendor’s cost and the entire amount is billed back to NOAA. Your assigned specialist will provide you the total cost, including all surcharges, once your order has been finalized.

FDLP/Intent to Publish

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) is a mandated program under Title 44 of U.S. Code, which collects, stores, and disseminates “Government information.” Any publication that is produced with funds appropriated by Congress is considered Government information and is, therefore, in FDLP’s scope. However, there are several types of Government information that fall out of scope for the FDLP:

In addition to being legally mandated, FDLP guarantees publications receive information dissemination services, cataloging and locator services, permanent access, and professional library services. This allows researchers, historians, and the general public to have access to existing Government publications, long after they have disappeared from agency websites or libraries. 

For Printing and Duplicating Services requests, LMB will notify FDLP, GPO Subscriptions, and GPO Sales on your behalf and coordinate the production and transfer of any requested copies to the appropriate parties. You do not need to fill out the GPO Form 3868: Notification of Intent to Publish, unless you are seeking a journal article waiver to procure publishing services outside of LMB procurement avenues.

If you will be using non-LMB sources to procure publishing services, in conjunction with a waiver, the GPO Form 3868 will be required as part of the packet. Once your waiver has been signed and approved, you are responsible for sending the form to and complying with any instructions that result. If you need additional information or assistance, please contact

Printing Clearances

Publication Clearance Request

For certain publications to be circulated outside of the Department of Commerce (DOC), even to other Government agencies, the NOAA and DOC Offices of Public Affairs require Form CD-27: Publication Clearance Request. All new emblems must also be approved by NOAA Office of Public Affairs, with a justification and a visual representation of the emblem, using the CD-27.

The CD-27 also must be signed by LMB Printing and Duplicating Services prior to submission to the Office of Public Affairs. LMB will return the signed form to you, with instructions for further routing. The CD-27 should be included in any Journal Article Waiver request packet. If you other Printing and Duplicating Services request requires the form, your assigned specialist will assist you in filling it out and submitting it.

Journal Article Waiver

According to the Congressional letter published by the JPC on November 5, 1984, NOAA has been granted a waiver of paragraphs 38 and 46-1 of the Government Printing and Binding Regulations, specifically permitting the initial publication of articles written by employees. This waiver allows the initial publishing in journals, encyclopedias, and textbooks, including publications that are only available online. It also authorizes the use of the GPC or purchase order (PO) to pay for page charges and purchasing separates of the articles at the time of publication directly from the publisher. The approval of this waiver is subject to the following conditions:

Copyright for the article will be denied to the private publisher, even though the journal, encyclopedia or textbook may be copyrighted as a whole.

Royalty payments will not be paid to the Government.

An annual report will be submitted to the JPC, listing the articles and the journals in which they were published, the amount of money expended for page charges, and the amount expended on the purchase of separates for each article.

Approval of the Journal Article Waiver is required prior to using the GPC or a PO to procure publishing. The signed Journal Article Waiver serves as the approval waiver notice. The approval of the waiver is contingent upon the submission of the complete packet for approval to The elements required are:

A copy of the publication must also be sent by the publisher to upon publication.