Printing Procurement

The servicing NOAA office for printing and publications originating in the National Capital Region is the Logistics Management Branch (LMB), OFA5712 SSMC-3, Station 3866. The LMB is responsible for the development and implementation of the NOAA Printing Program nationwide, including the Regional Offices (ROs). You are encouraged to contact this office at the inception of a publication project. NOAA publications originating in an Regional Office are processed through the Printing Coordinator within the respective RO. Title 44 of the United States Code constitutes the broad framework for Government publishing. In addition, the following provide more specific details.


Departmental Administrative Orders (DAO)

NOAA Administrative Orders

Procurement Policy

Within the National Capital Region, printing, duplicating, and copying requirements that cannot be fulfilled within NOAA must be submitted to LMB for procurement from outside sources. Under current regulations, you are not permitted to purchase printing, duplicating, or color copying services directly from the commercial contractor. The Printing Specialists will assist with the required clearances; preparation of necessary forms; writing of specifications; cost estimates; scheduling; identifying sources of procurement; and will place the order with the GPO or a commercial printing contractor.

Printing Clearances

NOAA printed matter that is:

  1. for official use;
  2. for strictly administrative or operational purposes;
  3. has no public interest or educational value; and
  4. is printed in one ink color requires no approval to publish.

For certain publications to be circulated outside of the Department of Commerce (DOC) even to other Government agencies, the NOAA and DOC Offices of Public Affairs requires Form CD-27, Publication Clearance Request. All new emblems must be approved by NOAA Office of Public Affairs. The request for approval must include a justification and a visual representation of the emblem. Please fax your CD-27 to (202) 482.3154 or email Jerry Slaff for approval.

For publications that will be published by the GPO Book Store please complete GPO Form 3868, Notification of Intent to Publish and submit the form to the Logistics Management Branch before the publication is submitted for printing.

Printing Clearance Forms:

Printing Procedures

LMB is required to submit a Standard Form (SF) 1, Printing and Binding Requisition, for printing of NOAA publications to GPO for procurement from commercial contractors. Please see attached SF-1 sample for fields to be completed. A completed SF-1 that includes title of the publication, complete accounting information, approving signature and printing specifications must be filled out. Contact your Printing Specialist for help with the print specifications. These contacts are provided at the bottom of this page.. In addition, provide print outs of the file, a preflight report, Form 952 Desktop Publishing – Disk Information and a CD-R must be submitted with the SF-1 to LMB in order to request printing services. Additional forms may be required, depending upon the complexity and nature of the request. LMB may also issue print jobs directly to outside commercial printers that have been selected by GPO under a blanket term contract. If you require distribution services by the NOAA Distribution Unit, pressure-sensitive, peel-off labels MUST accompany your requisition and Certificate of Accuracy Form.

LMB has several term contracts to cover the procurement of various types of printing along with several additional term contracts for NOAA periodicals and recurring documents. The term contracts are used to procure a large percentage of NOAA headquarters printing and generally provide a shorter printing schedule and controlled costs.

Requests for business cards are also processed using appropriated funds. Order blanks signed by the originating offices’ SES Director or his/her designee may be mailed or faxed to LMB.

Printing Procedure Forms:

If you have questions or need further guidance, please contact Robert Whitted at 301-628-1495. for EASC or Michael Carey 301-628-1496 respectively.