Copy Management

The Logistics Management Branch (LMB) is responsible for copier management for NOAA offices in the National Capital Region (NCR). Copiers are defined as copying/duplicating equipment that make paper copies directly without requiring the creation of an intermediate master for each original.

(NOTE: This includes copying equipment whose features are combined with all new technology, i.e., fax, scanners, network/internet accessibility, etc.).

The number of copies on an office copier shall not exceed 500 copies of any one page or a total of 5,000 units (pages x copies) in the aggregate. Copying requirements that exceed these limits must be produced in the NOAA Duplicating Plant, or through the LMB.

NOAA Copy Manager

The NOAA Copy Manager has the authority to approve/disapprove requests for copiers. To obtain any copying/duplicating equipment, the following procedures should be followed:

Determine if there is a copier within the vicinity of your working area that can be share. If not,

Determine your requirements

Contact three (3) vendors from the GSA Schedule

Ask for a demonstration of similar equipment and a cost proposal. Information to be included in each cost proposal:

Ask for References. Call the References. Ask if the maintenance is done by them or do they subcontract out the maintenance piece.

When the selection is made, the following shall be prepared and forwarded to the Copier Manager.

Upon review and approval by the Copier Manager you will be notified. At that time you can then submit your acquisition packet to your AGO with all of the above documentation that is listed.

If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact Susan Bloomer at (301) 628-1480.