System name:

Private Legislation Claimants-Central Legislative Files--COMMERCE/DEPT-15.

System location:

Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230.

Categories of individuals covered by the system:

Individual claimants against the government seeking remedy through private relief bills in patent, contract, employee compensation, and other similar areas which involve the Department.

Categories of records in the system: Draft and formal relief bills, statements, and information as to the basis and validity of the claim, and correspondence with the claimant and the sponsor of the legislation. Authority for maintenance of the system: 5 U.S.C. 301, Act of February 4, 1903, 32 Stat. 825. Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including categories of users and the purposes of such uses: See routine use paragraphs of the Prefatory Statement. Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, retaining, and disposing of records in the system:


Paper records in file folders.


Filed alphabetically by name.


Records are located in lockabled metal file cabinets or in metal file cabinets in secured rooms or secured premises with access limited to those whose official duties require access.

Retention and disposal:

Records are retained according to the Office's Records Control Schedule.

System manager(s) and address:

Assistant General Counsel, Legislation, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230.

Notification procedure:

Information may be obtained from: Director, Office of Organization and Management Systems, OS, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Requester should provide name, social security number, date of claim, and name of bill, if any, pursuant to the inquiry provisions of the Department's rules which appear in 15 CFR part 4b.

Record access procedures:

Requests from individuals should be addressed to:

same address as stated in the Notification section above.

Contesting record procedures:

The Department's rules for access, for contesting contents, and appealing initial determinations by the individual concerned appear in 15 CFR part 4b. Use above address.

Record source categories:

Subject claimant and those authorized by the claimant to furnish information; records of units of the Department primarily involved in the transaction; service or application on which the claim is founded; and the sponsoring Member of Congress.