September 24, 2014

NOAA Circular 14-13

Subject: National Ocean Service Office for Coastal Management National Marine Sanctuaries

To: Office of the Under Secretary Staff Offices of the Under Secretary Administrative Delivery Points

Effective September 28, 2014, the National Ocean Service, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) and NOAA Coastal Services Center (CSC) are being abolished. The two offices are being consolidated into the Office for Coastal Management (OCM). This also includes a realignment of the current structure of the National Ocean Service, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS) headquarters to the priority functions and strategic directions of the office by formalizing key functional areas including the National Marine Protected Areas Center and the Administrative Operations Division; realigning appropriate staff from the Communications, Education, and Outreach Division; and renaming organizational units to better align with current functions. All changes are indicated in bold lettering and strike through font.

The three organizations and related codes structures are revised as follows:

NP000 NOAA Costal Services Office for Coastal Management N/OCS N/OCM
NP1000 Coastal Management Services Division Policy, Planning and Communications Division N/CS1 N/OCM1
NP2000 Coastal Geospatial Services Division Business Operations Division N/CSC2 N/OCM2
NP3000 Integrated Information Services Division Integrated Information Products and Services Division N/CSC3 N/OCM3 N/CSC4
NP4000 Regional Coastal Services Division Learning Services Division N/OCM4 N/CSC5
NP5000 Science and Geospatial Services Division N/OCM5
NP6000 Stewardship Division N/OCM6
NM0000 Technical Programs and Support Division Office of National Marine Sanctuaries N/NMS
NM1000 Conservation Science Division Conservation Policy and Planning N/NMS1
NM2000 Policy and Planning Division Communications, Outreach, and Education Division N/NMS2
NM3000 Education and Outreach Division N/NMS3
NM4000 Northeast and Great Lakes Region N/NMS4
NM4100 Gerry E. Studds Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS41
NM4200 Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary And Underwater Preserve N/NMS42
NM4300 Monitor National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS43
NM5000 Southeast, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Region N/NMS5
NM5100 Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS51
NM5200 Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS52
NM5300 Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS53
NM6000 West Coast Region N/NMS6
NM6100 Sanctuary Channel Islands National Marine N/NMS61
NM6200 Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS62
NM6300 Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS63
NM6400 Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS64
NM6500 Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS65
NM7000 Pacific Region Pacific Islands Region N/NMS7
NM7100 Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary N/NMS71
NM7200 Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa N/NMS72
NM7300 Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument N/NMS73
NM8000 Administrative Operations Division N/NMS8
NM9000 National Marine Protected Areas Center N/NMS9

Organization Code Conversion

NM8000 54-10-14-0008-00-00-00-00 N/NMS8
NM9000 54-10-14-0009-00-00-00-00 N/NMS9
NP0000 54-10-17-0000-00-00-00-00 N/OCM
NP1000 54-10-17-0001-00-00-00-00 N/OCM1
NP2000 54-10-17-0002-00-00-00-00 N/OCM2
NP3000 54-10-17-0003-00-00-00-00 N/OCM3
NP4000 54-10-17-0004-00-00-00-00 N/OCM4
NP5000 54-10-17-0005-00-00-00-00 N/OCM5
NP6000 54-10-17-0006-00-00-00-00 N/OCM6
ND0000 54-10-04-0000-00-00-00-00 N/ORM
ND1000 54-10-04-0001-00-00-00-00 N/ORM1
ND3000 54-10-04-0003-00-00-00-00 N/ORM3
ND5000 54-10-04-0005-00-00-00-00 N/ORM5
ND7000 54-10-04-0007-00-00-00-00 N/ORM7
ND8000 54-10-04-0008-00-00-00-00 N/ORM8
NP0000 54-10-15-0000-00-00-00-00 N/CSC
NP1000 54-10-15-0001-00-00-00-00 N/CSC1
NP2000 54-10-15-0002-00-00-00-00 N/CSC2
NP3000 54-10-15-0003-00-00-00-00 N/CSC3
NP4000 54-10-15-0004-00-00-00-00 N/CSC4
NP5000 54-10-15-0005-00-00-00-00 N/CSC5


Signed Christine M Carpino